Three Most Needed Information Technology fields (for the warrior)
IT Security Administrator

They must reverse engineer the code of the privileged and use it against them. In later stages of evolution these programmers will be capable of writing unique programs for the task at hand. These programmers will be capable a creating programs that protect, warn, block, probe and attack other systems!
In the end “We Must Create Our Own Programs to Solve Our Problems”

Propagate the information that the mmain stream media either forbids or twist to fit their agenda.Unlike the webmasters of the privileged, these new and modern webmasters have more to tackle. Careful design, wording and control over websites must be maintained. Webmasters must decide in advance which search engines will "crawl" their site and to what extent. Web content is much more critical under these circumstances than on the sites of the privileged, because these sites will be under direct observation from the powers that be. Case in point: A webmaster for a local website allowed guest to upload pictures. The guest in question uploaded a nude picture of a child. The webmaster was too lazy or to overwhelmed to audit his logs and notice the highly illegal picture. The website in question was shut down, and the owners of the site received a heavy fine.
In the end “We Must Tell Our Own Story”

Information Technology Security Administrators
Take a proactive role in controlling the accessibility of the website in question. A constant “deny list” must be maintained and upgraded of know undesirable countries, regions, colleges, police departments, military post, and D.O.D. subnets. This list is ever changing, and diligence must be taken not to allow attacks. By understanding how to defend one also understands how to attack *Wink* !
In the end “We Must Have Our Own Networks”

I suggest that those who have or have had an interest in the past rekindle their intellectual fire. Do a little research and see if you can assist your community, or group by becoming proficient at one of these skills or more of these skills. Its simple go to Yahoo or Google and type in the key words to what you seek, and like magic, information pops up!

If you are short on money then rearrange what you have by dropping destructive and/or childish habits.
Don’t buy more video games while on this mission
Don’t smoke cigeretts for they are expensive and clog the mind
Don’t drink alcohol for it is expensive and clogs the mind (and the tool of the oppressor)
Don’t watch “The idiot box” Television for more that two hours a day
Don’t watch porn for hours on end

Do make sacrifices
Do read a “useful” book for at least an hour a day
Do buy used high end computer components
Do research the huge amount of free information on the Internet
Do donate money and not loan it (it will save you more in the long run)
Do exercise your physical body for it is the weakest link
Do eat less for you mind will function much quicker, and more efficiently

By Bro Idris 07/17/08