Anyone here has a XP Media Center PC setup??

If so, are u using Windows Media Center ?? How is it?? I found it was decent but could have used upgrades, like subtitle/audio changing during movies, which it didnt support.

Anyone Using Media Portal??

If your planning on it with XP and were considering Media Center Edition, Dont bother. Just keep XP and install Media Portal. THis Program iz da TRUTH! It does everything Media Center Editrion does PLUS 10 x more.

I have it installed on an old maxed out laptop, connected to a 46" HDTV Widescreen via VGA adapter.

I dont use it for viewing TV. Only for watching Downloaded Vids, Radio, Music, and Pictures.
Runs smooth, and only lag is once in a while while loading network movies.

Sony Vaio vgn-fs640/w (3 years old)
1.6 Intel Pentiu M Processor
1gb RAM
250G HD
Intergrated garbage graphics
Windows XP Pro (Full Student Release )
Microsoft Remote Control w/Receiver for Windows XP and Vista Media Center Edition (MCE)

(feel free to check other remote compatibility on the site)

So i use it to play all my videos whether on the laptop, or on my home network (other PCs in the house).

link to Media Portal: