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      Arrow Microsoft® Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

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      Greetings Everyone!

      This works pretty good, until something else is available to help with the spyware problem. Lately, Adaware and Spybot is not completely removing some of the spyware. They are still good programs. Remember no one spyware remover catches everything.

      Go to the site listed below to read and check out the info thoroughly.[/url]

      Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) is a security technology that helps protect Windows users from spyware and other potentially unwanted software.
      Known spyware on your PC can be detected and removed. This helps reduce negative effects caused by spyware including slow PC performance, annoying pop-up ads, unwanted changes to Internet settings, and unauthorized use of your private information. Continuous protection improves Internet browsing safety by guarding over 50 ways spyware can enter your PC.

      System Requirements
      Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Professional Edition , Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows XP Home Edition , Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows XP Professional Edition , Windows XP Service Pack 1, Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

      You must be logged in as an administrator on your computer in order to install this program.

      Minimum system requirements for Windows AntiSpyware (Beta):
      Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
      A 300 MHz or faster processor with at least 64 MB of RAM
      Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server™ 2003
      At least 10 MB of available free space on your hard disk
      Internet access with at least a 28.8 Kbps connection to use SpyNet™

      Let me know how you like the program.

      One Love & Respect Always
      Posted In The Spirit of Learning & Sharing
      One Love & Respect Always

      The Quest for knowledge stops at the grave.
      HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I.

      If you fail to prepare,
      you are preparing to fail!

      Mind what you want, because someone wants your mind.

      Working together, the ants ate the elephant.

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      I am sure this is a good program. I just can't bear to use it. (I got a byteverify trojan on my computer right now. it isnt causing any real trouble so i dont care) I continue to tell people to boycott all microsoft programs, unless you simply can't do without it.

      • microsoft software is bulky and eats memory and processing power.
      • microsoft are imperialist bastards intent on hurting small business.
      • microsoft tech support and their online web-base/faq center is too hard for novices or people that dont live and breathe technology. its simply unrealistic that most people will devote the time to use these cumbersome tools
      • many viruses, trojans, etc exist BECAUSE of microsoft. out of pure hatred for this company or frustration with its poor programming, programmers create these viruses etc to hurt those that depend heavily on what techies know is wack software to begin with..(example: trojans designed to exploit Internet Explore or Microsoft's abandoned VM.)
      All is Well. Workin' Hard - Tryin' to Save Time for Fam. Check in Periodically.

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