Product My Yahoo Web BETA
Excitement Level (1-10): 7
Good stuff, but all the elements have been available in other products for over 5 years. (Why not just get a free bookmark manager, that has online capabilities, the abilities to track site updates and that is also a browser - like Check&Get??) The vast majority of Yahoo's bookmark oriented features already go unused. Most people won't use this product if it adds an extra toolbar to the browser, or requires opening a new window. Its only useful if you are already using Opera, Firefox or a simliar product with tabbed window viewing. And about 80% of the world IS NOT at this point.
Final Grade: C-, lack creativity, a day too late, not convienent.


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"If only I could remember how to find that article again..."
"I've stopped using bookmarks - organizing them is such a chore."
"Bookmarks are broken - the contents of a page often change by the time I return!"
  • Save what you like to build your own personal web
  • Search and browse the web, as you do today
  • Save an exact copy of any page you like - from Yahoo! Toolbar or directly from your search results
  • Save thousands of pages - anything you may want later
  • "Re-find" pages instantly when you need them again
  • Search My Web to find any of your saved pages
  • Searching across full-text and your notes enables instant retrieval
  • Turn on My Search History to quickly access past searches and visited results
  • Share your personal web
  • Create categories for your saved pages - travel, projects, events
  • Share your favorites with friends and colleagues - via email, IM, and RSS (Yahoo! 360 coming soon)
  • Better than bookmarks. Save both an exact copy and a link - the content you save will always be there when you return
  • Searchable - Organize as you wish, search for the rest
  • Accessible anywhere, not just from your own computer
  • Import your bookmarks to immediately experience the benefits of My Web