FireFox Security Update 1.0.4

Firefox has come out with another update—this comes shortly
after the update they had late last month. Soon after Secuna
security found two exploits in the FireFox browser that affects
version 1.0.3 and below they discovered more flaws the
weekend of May the 9th and Mozilla patched the following
Monday. Good job, guys.

The two nastier vulnerabilities are the Cross Site Scripting
which can be used to steal information on you and your
online accounts, and remote system access which allows
the hackers to potentially take control of your system.

If you're a FireFox user, make sure you have this update.
You can check for it by opening up your FireFox browser
and going to "Help" then "About". You should easily see
what version you are currently using in the bottom
window of the splash screen. If you do need to update
then open up Firefox and select Tools/Options/Advanced
then open up "Updates" and choose the option
Software Updates/Check Now
You will have to restart your browser and be a little patient
but that's all there is to it.

Just a couple more things that may help you to stay a
little more secure:

1. If you're a big fan of the FireFox extensions
or plug-ins, make sure you get them from Mozilla's site—you
know you can trust the content there.

2. You may want to disable _Javascript
in FireFox. _Javascript is a big factor in the XSS hack and
disabling it can make you that much more secure, though
your browsing may be a little less exciting. Go to Tools/Options
and click the "Web Features" tab. Uncheck "Enable _JavaScript".

Cross Site Scripting CSS or XSS is a method where a hacker will watch
for a vulnerable site, one that uses user information, but
does not validate the user when they revisit the site.

The hacker will then recreate this link using malicious code
that takes advantage of the of the website's security hole
and basically steals user's information. This attack can take
place through email, message boards—any place really that
you can create a hyperlink.

Once the hacker has your information they can potentially
steal your identity or log on as you at other sites.

Stay safe out there!