How to Use the MSCONFIG Tool

How to manually edit your boot.ini file to get rid of the startup logo (splash screen). The easier way: use the system configuration tool (MSCONFIG). This utility makes it easy to do many tasks that previously required editing system files or the registry. Here's how to use it:

Click Start | Run.

In the Run box, type msconfig

The graphical utility will open and you'll see six tabs: General, System.ini, Win.ini, Boot.ini, Services, and Startup.

Click the Boot.ini tab.

In the Boot Options section, you can enable any of the valid switches.

Click to check the box labeled /noguiboot.

Click OK.

Here's what the other listed switches do:
/Safeboot: starts the computer in Safe Mode.

/Bootlog: Creates a log file of the startup process that is saved to the disk as NTBTLOG.TXT in the system root folder (usually WINDOWS).

/Basevideo: starts the computer with the standard VGA driver. This is great if you installed a new video card driver that doesn't work.

/SOS: Displays each driver name as it's loaded. Great for troubleshooting startup problems caused by drivers.

Save the file and restart Windows for the change to take effect.