Post-It Notes

This download is a neat little program, it's from 3M makers of
genuine Post-It notes. The program is a virtual
embodiment of their physical sticky notes

The program really is like having Post-It notes
on your PC
, but with some really cool futures.

Here's a small list of what the program can do:

* Create your own notes with pictures and hyperlinks
*Stick notes on your computer desktop as a visual

* Add alarms to your notes so you don't forget
* Subscribe to receive information on a Post-it
Software Note from websites that provide this service.

Creating a new note is a snap. In under a
minute you can make a note with images links, rollover text, and set
an alarm to remind you at “Zero Hour”. This is no Windows Notepad,
these notes are not only colorful and out of the way, but it's kinda
fun to use.

There is a Help file off the main interface
that illustrates the options a little clearer for you, but I wouldn't
worry about that, Post-It Notes Lite is so intuitive and easy to
use that it almost seems like second nature.

The program is small and shouldn't take anytime to install or
download for that matter. I hope you enjoy the download—
it's a wonderful program with a simple concept.

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