The times when Netscape and Internet Explorer were closely competing are over, and although AOL hopes that Netscape 8.0, which uses

both Internet Explorer and Firefox technology, will bring back the glory days, it seems the browser has a lot of problems.

After an embarrassing debut, with AOL releasing a new version of Netscape to correct some security bugs from Netscape 8.0, now, Microsoft has discovered that Netscape 8.0 has a series of problems with Internet Explorer.

It seems Netscape 8.0 deactivates Internet Explorer’s XML capabilities and as result of that, some pages will not be displayed.

It’s obvious that Microsoft doesn’t think happy thoughts about its former competitor (Netscape has now 1% of the browser market), but from here to recommending the browser to be uninstalled is a long way.

Perhaps Microsoft will soon discover that other programs interfere with IE or with MS Office and will recommend uninstall as well.

Maybe it would have been better for Microsoft to try the other approach to the problem, which consisted in editing some registry entries.