The security problems faced by FireFox last week have made many analysts question the wonder browser's chances to compete with Internet Explorer.

IBM came with the response and officially announced that it will adopt FireFox, recommending all 300,000 employees to download and use it.

IBM could be accused of subjectivity considering the company's preferences for OpenSource, but one should take into account that FireFox's flaws are nothing compared to Internet Explorer's.

After all, FireFox is a new browser, and these flaws are inherent to the developing of every software program. But unfortunately for Internet Explorer, overall, FireFox is a much more reliable and stable solution.

Another advantage is that Firefox is OpenSource and as we speak, there are countless programmers writing new applications to expand and improve its functions, a situation that will never apply to Internet Explorer.

Moreover, FireFox doesn’t offer support for Microsoft ActiveX, which is the main target for spyware.
So, two security breaches are not enough to discredit FireFox, on the contrary, Microsoft has a lot to learn from the excellent response time of the developers of this OpenSource browser.