From now on sending digital photos over e-mail will be much simpler, provided that you use Yahoo services.

If until now, you had to think hard before deciding what photos to attach to a certain message, now, thanks to Yahoo’s PhotoMail, every message can contain up to 300 images.

PhotoMail, which is free, is now in beta stage and combines Yahoo! Mail, Image Search technology and Yahoo!Photos services.

When you want to send images, it’s enough to place them with drag&drop inside PhotoMail and they will be automatically inserted as thumbnails.

If the message sent contains full-size images, they will be stored in the Yahoo! Photos account and the recipient will only get only the thumbnails.

With a simple click on the image, the recipient will be able to view the image full-size.

Moreover, the integration with Yahoo Image Search offers the possibility to search through 1.5 billion images in only a few seconds.

Yahoo has also announced localized versions of Yahoo! Mail for Asia and Eastern Europe.