Google is innovating again the Internet world and proposes a new program that increases the surfing speed. By now you already know the working principle of this program and what security problems it poses.

To find out if this application significantly increases your surfing speed, we downloaded it to make a few tests.

The installation went smoothly and in approximately 5 minutes an icon appeared in the systray that allowed access to all Google Web Accelerator’s functions.

We expected this tool to be designed for dial-up users, because they are the ones needing a speed boost, but we were wrong. This application is solely for the use of broadband surfers and it fully compatible with IE and FireFox

The first page we tested Google Web Accelerator on was and the second one; our

connection ensured 256 kbps.

The test began by loading the Softpedia home page. And indeed, the second loading took less time. Google Web Accelerator reported a 7 seconds decrease, but our timer showed 9 seconds.

But the speed increase was really noticeable when browsing the Google, Google Images, Google News and Froogle pages.

After testing these pages, we decided to do one more test and we entered where we browsed 30 pages. The initial loading time was 4 minutes. When we reentered the site, Google Web Accelerator reduced the time with 30 seconds, resulting in a loading time of 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

In conclusion, Google Web Accelerator successfully achieves his goal, but the reduction of the loading time depends on the complexity of the visited pages.

Those who are concerned with privacy issues can define a list of sites where Google Web Accelerator will not work.

This tool is ideal for those who surf a lot, especially if the visited pages are loaded several times a day.
If time is not an issue, you don’t need Google Web Accelerator.