Starting from yesterday, Google is offering users the possibility of creating accounts that allow them to check the history of generated searches made through the search engine. This is the latest strategy adopted by Google to get ahead of Yahoo and MSN.

My Search History, which keeps the record of searches made by a user, will be different from other portal type services known to Internet surfers. Google’s intent is to exclusively focus on archiving personal searches, so that the user can back track its online actions according to the results displayed.

Google hopes that this new feature will

strengthen the already stable relation with users. In the last period, the search engine has faced a series of difficulties, when competitors like Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and A9, developed by, managed top offer more interesting and efficient features. This service, allowing the finding of lost information, could recover some of the Google’s prestige.

My Search History will search the entire text in the pages from the history list, will generate results similar to the ones already saved and will generate a graphical calendar representing the user’s online activity on a certain day. Most importantly, the service will automatically integrate the online search, so that Internet surfers can view the personalized history along with other general information from the net.

Regarding privacy protection, Google assures all the users that data indicating the results of the searches is password protected and stored on the company’s servers. However, the solution employed by the search engine involves placing a cookie on each computer, which means that from now on, the searches made without the user’s identity to be revealed could be accessible to another user using the same system.