Opening Data Files from CD
in Certain Programs

This one is more of an informational heads-up than a tip. I have seen several times people make a backup file from a program such as Quickbooks and then try to open the backup file from the CD to test it.

Sometimes they will use the backup utility included with the program...other times they will simply copy and paste the data file(s) from their hard drive to a CD. When they open the data file, they are suprised that they get an error.

The reason this is occuring is because once the CD is written, it cannot be re-written. When these programs open up and they open your data file, they are actually calling on that data file to read from and write to it. Well, the writing side of this equation is impossible because its on a CD. Therefore, you will get an error because the program cannot write to the data file.

The solution here is to copy the data file from the CD back to the hard drive, and then you can open it.

This will save some newbies a little time.