Let XP Resize Pictures for Your Email

Have you ever used the "Send To" menus? One of the options
listed is "Mail Recipient" which allows you to send a document
or picture to someone via email (using Outlook Express).

If you choose this option for a picture you will be given the
option to "Make all my pictures smaller". This is a great
feature, saving you the time of resizing it in your imaging

Now, let's look at this a bit slower...

Find a picture that you want to email and right click.

Choose "Send to" and select "Mail Recipient"

A window will pop up with the option "Make my pictures smaller"

Click OK. You should see an email with the picture as an attachment.

Now, with smaller files under 50k you won't see much change, but
with large files you will. I had a 120k picture and it was reduced
to 34k!

This certainly makes pictures easier to email.