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      Video Game Violence

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      Video Games Make Youths Violent, Says Study

      By Tony Kontzer
      Mon Aug 22, 3:00 PM ET

      The American Psychological Association is calling for reduced violence in video games and youth-oriented interactive media after reviewing research indicating that there's a link between video games and violent behavior.

      The research, conducted at Saint Leo University near Tampa, Fla., indicates that violent games have short-term effects on those who play them. Kevin Kieffer, assistant professor of psychology, and student Jessica Nicoll extracted patterns and themes from 20 years of studies, but stopped short of aggregating the statistics from those studies, which Kieffer says would have yielded more complete and authoritative findings. The pair presented their research last week at an annual gathering of the American Psychological Association, prompting a resolution from the association.

      Kieffer says the research points to numerous gaps that can be filled with further studies on the topic. Among the areas of study he suggests is attempting to determine whether those who play violent games are predisposed to violent behavior to begin with. "I think we really have to get to describing the individuals who are playing the games and see if they're any different from the population," he says. Kieffer also says that a truly complete study would involve research from institutions in multiple geographies to achieve demographic balance.

      The research cites many examples of violent behavior egged on by video games. Findings over the past 20 years include a tendency of 8th and 9th graders to be more hostile, more argumentative with authority, and more likely to be involved in physical altercations with other students. One study also found evidence of a link between violent games and poor academic performance.

      Not surprisingly, the research verified that boys spend a lot more time playing violent games than girls. Female characters often are portrayed in subordinate roles, which may provide less incentive for girls to play. However, those girls who do play violent video games are more likely to play aggressively afterward, Kieffer and Nicoll found.

      Based on Kieffer's and Nicoll's findings, the APA drafted a resolution recommending a number of steps to reduce violence in video games. They include teaching media literacy to children to develop their ability to critically evaluate what's presented to them; encouraging video game makers to recognize the link between violent game images and resulting behaviors, and the potential for games to have more influence on youths than violent movies and television programs; and developing a rating system that more accurately reflects the content in video games.

      Kieffer suggests that parents also should take responsibility for the content their kids are being exposed to--especially with video games, which parents often know little about. But he's also careful to point out that any concrete action should be predicated upon additional research. "I'm thinking more from a preventative standpoint," he says. "If there's a segment of the population that's being damaged by a product, preventing that damage would be important. I don't think we know that at this point."
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      Arrow The games people play in life!

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      Greetings Ifasehun!

      Once again another study has been done to re-confirm what everyone knows to be a fact, especially those in the gaming industry. They create these games, because there is a market for it, even though we all know over indulgence in playing these violent games, especially for kids is not good for them.

      Most of those video games, and even the majority of cartoons on cable and regular TV, are way to violent. The children becomes immune to the violence, and then they accept it as normal behavior, and starts displaying these violent tendencies in their everyday lives.

      The theme behind most of those video games, cartoons etc, is too take over the world, kill everyone in it, and then create so called heroes that carry the biggest weapons.

      Parents have to take an active role in deciding what their children watch on the Tv or play in their gaming console. The adults are just as bad, because grown men and women love these games as well, so go figure. Who will put a stop to this if parents and children are all enjoying the violence and accepts it as everyday entertainment.

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      I think that the parents need to step up and take charge in what their kids are watching and playing. From my experience, the parents are the ones who are responsible for letting these images get into the impressionable minds of the youth. If the parents don't know enough about the video game, then they should not purchase it for their kids; plain and simple.

      The same thing goes with the t.v. T.V.'s now have the ability to block shows that the parent may deem that aren't for children's eyes, but if the parents don't step up and use the technology, then what is that saying about the parents?

      I myself do play video games; all different kinds. With the more violent ones, I am able to seperate fantasy from reality. Do violent video games make me want to do violent things? Of course not; that would be an act of immaturity on my part. Do violent video games desensitize the player? To some, yes. For me, no. I get angry or sad just as much as anyone else would when someone gets hurt or killed on the news, or where I live.

      Like you said, Sister Jahness, parents must take an active role in what kind of images their children may receive.

      Thanks for this discussion; it is indeed one that needs to be addressed.

      and :cheers:
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