Firefox is one of the fastest growing alternatives to Microsoft Internet Explorer. In my opinion, Firefox is not popular because it is the best alternative, but because it is the most familiar. That is, it looks and feels like IE, but is a little faster and a lot smaller. It's also American and is backed by larger funders, which helps a lot.

But, it is not the most feature rich browser available.

Most browsers (including IE) that want to upgrade their features turn to Opera for clues on how to do so. Firefox is no exception. Here are best extensions/plug-ins you can add to your Firefox to start enjoying some of the great features inspired by Opera.

Firefox Extensions that will BOOST your experience
All-in-One Sidebar
Download Statusbar
Mozilla Archive Format
PDF Download
Tabbrowser Preferences (by the way, this will give you TRUE tabbed browsing)

Read about and download extensions at:

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