Unblocking Missing Images from Email

Are you seeing Red X's where images should be in your email messages? Outlook express users, help is here! The missing pictures are blocked by Outlook Express as a security feature to prevent you from downloading pictures and other content (like viruses) from the email server. Like all sp am filters, sometimes it also blocks information you want to receive (like pictures from friends or our newsletters). To see the picture, click the info bar in the banner that appears at the top of the message. This is a way to correct the problem on a message-by-message basis.

While it does decrease your security, you can tell Outlook Express to let you see all pictures. From the Outlook Express, click on Tools. Select Options and click the Security Tab.

Uncheck the Block images and other external content in HTML email box. Click OK.

Missing Yahoo Mail Pictures

What do you do about missing pictures in Yahoo Mail?

Well, they added a "feature" that blocks pictures that load from a server (like our newsletter).

To fix the problem, go to Mail Options, Spam Protection, the check the radio button marked "Don't block any images".

Downloading your email from the email server may take longer once this option is deselected, but now you'll download all the pictures from all your emails automatically. Just don't open messages from unknown or suspicious sources. Also, make sure that your anti-virus and anti-spyware definitions are up-to-date and run those programs regularly!