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      Al-Kebulan is Not an Original Indigenous Name for the Continent

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      Mikyia mo (Greetings):

      Attached is an excerpt from our three part series:

      AFURAKA/AFURAITKAIT: The origin of the term 'Africa', Part 3

      This particular excerpt deals with the origin of the term alkebulan, which is not an original indigenous name of the continent:

      This article is from the 3rd issue of our nhoma (journal):

      Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Religion Journal
      Trustory: [troo'-stoh-ree (true-story; trust-ory/trustworthy story); trustorical, trustorically]

      A true and accurate account of past events.

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      BUT...who first used the term "Alkebulan?" Who brought this term to the forefront? And where did they find the term "Alkebulan?" Was it written on a papyrus? Was it inscribed on a pyramid? Was it passed down through oral tradition?

      My research leads me to Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan as the one who brought this to the forefront...but WHERE he found the term is curiously undocumented. It's as if he MADE IT UP...and if he DIDN'T make it up, WHERE DID HE GET IT FROM? Papyrus? Pyramid? Oral Tradition?

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