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      Racism, Neo-Colonialism and Solidarity

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      Obviously, the fight against racism involves a critical area of social
      relations within the United States. It has become apparent with the
      Obama campaign how deep racism goes. While some people may believe that
      their past support for persons like Clarence Thomas and Colin Powell
      absolved them of being racist, it has currently become clear that is no
      qualification. In fact, support of blacks who gravitate to the most
      reactionary sector in American politics is validation of one's own
      racism, and that is coming out now in the presidential election.

      Whenever a white guy has to work two jobs to maintain a room -- not an
      apartment where you have to pay heat and light, mind you -- at the YMCA
      and he is worried that Obama will be a socialist, that is racist
      hysteria. Because he isn't worried about Obama spreading socialism;
      that is a dishonest assumption. He is worried that Obama will maybe do
      something to help black people. Socialism is code for "Obama might
      help the African Americans".

      By the same token, folks saying he is a Muslim are using code for
      "Obama is a nigger." The white media has made it abundantly
      clear his white mother and grandparents never raised him as a Muslim.
      Like some Muslims wrecked the economy and stole $700 billion.

      It is important to say that Obama represents neo-colonialism. We push
      the idea that class is at the heart of all struggles in America. Racism
      is the class struggle concentrated. Class existed before racism ever
      did. It existed in any society divided between kings and peasants,
      slaves and masters, workers and bosses. This state of affairs has
      endured for millennia, since the first state appeared in Egypt or
      Mesopotamia or China.

      Racism has only been around since the conquistadores and buccaneers
      began abducting Africans. Since capitalism used slaves to undermine the
      cost of labor in the Americas, thereby making a hierarchy of black
      slaves and white masters. This became the sharpest form of class
      struggle in history, opposed by the producing classes at every stage
      until now.

      What has blunted this struggle? Because the concentrated class struggle
      (racism) has been diluted by neo-colonialism. That's right.
      Neo-colonialism has diluted racism. It has diluted it on both sides of
      the question; the old boy network of redneck racists have seen their
      hysterical, bloodsucking fear of the black community blended into a new
      paradigm. And the anti-racist struggle has become blunted by the
      phenomenon of black mobility. Blacks have become mobilized into critical
      areas of the Imperialist ensemble, thereby blunting the objections of
      the revolutionary sector in the eyes of the working class. But this is
      still part of the class warfare being waged against working people, and
      only a class analysis will cut thru the deception.

      We kno racism still exists. That was obvious when the majority of people
      who were sold adjustable rate mortgages -- that were bound to rise and
      cause problems for homeowners -- were blacks and Latinos. It became
      obvious when all the objections to Obama's campaign turned an ugly
      shade of green. In spite of the deepening financial crisis caused by GOP
      voodoo economics, there is a sector of the white working class which
      cannot stand the idea of a black man running their precious republic. I
      can dig it, but that's the way the ball bounces.

      It is important for revolutionary and progressive forces to build
      solidarity during this period. We need a strong labor resurgence. We
      need reform for Social Security, public assistance, jobs programs and
      education. We need to defeat neo-colonialism and build our own
      independent movement, because Obama represents the continuation of
      business-as-usual. We need genuine unity and solidarity to uplift the
      most oppressed section of society, and damn the rich.

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      Communities of Resistance!

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