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The Necessity for the Masses of the People to Struggle for Power in Africa

The word for power in Swahili is “uweza” or “uwezo”. Both of these words also mean ability. The bourgeoisie through their education have discouraged and confused the people about power. They have done this by pushing such ideas as “power corrupts” and “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The bourgeoisie knows that the people hate and detest corruption so they always connect power with corruption. The reason this idea makes sense to the people is because this is the correct relationship between power and corruption when the bourgeoisie is in power. The reason the bourgeoisie wants to discourage the people about power is because they understand that if the people were to attain power they would have to take power from the bourgeoisie. This is the biggest fear of the bourgeoisie. When the people take power from the bourgeoisie it is called revolution.

In the modes of production in which exploitation is the dominant practice, (i.e. slavery, feudalism, and capitalism) power is in the hands of a small minority of people and the masses of people are powerless. In this case the people who are in power are corrupt. In the modes of production in which the masses of the people are in power; the society is organized against exploitation (i.e. communalism, socialism, and communism), power is used for the benefit of the people. The people have the ability to remove anyone who is in a responsible position if they are corrupt. Power can be used for positive purposes; and power can be used for negative purposes.

Power is the ability to act or produce an effect. It is the possession of control, authority, or influence. It is political control or substantial influence. It is a sovereign state. It is the control of the means of force and violence in a society and the ability to compel obedience. It is the right to govern. It is the ability to exert effort. It is strength. It is the ability to give impetus to. Impetus is a driving force; impetus also is stimulation or encouragement resulting in increased activity. Power is being organized.

There is a direct relationship between power and organization. The people in power in a society are the most organized. The people who are powerless in a society are the least organized. The mass of the people without power is devastating. The reason there is so much poverty in Africa even though Africa is the richest land on earth is because the masses of the people are powerless. The people are powerless because we are disorganized. Without organization we cannot be strong. Organization is our strength. Poverty is the result of being powerless. Poverty is the state at which one lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions. Poverty is scarcity, want, destitution, indigence, hunger, oppression, powerlessness, and lack of respect.

One of the definitions of power is the ability to exert effort. Africa has the potential to become a self-reliant super power. To achieve this goal the one billion plus population of Africans must sustain an awesome work ethic. A work ethic is a belief in labor as a moral obligation. Work is sustained physical or mental effort to overcome obstacles and achieve an objective or result. It is through work that we solve problems. We all must be determined to produce more than we consume. All work is honorable.

Labor is the only thing that produces wealth. Work and thrift should be our motto. Work is happiness. It is through our collective work that the people will benefit. Work is how we serve the people. Work is how we improve and develop. Nothing is more advantageous than work. Work is an expression of love. Work will bring us happiness, enjoyment, delight, cheerfulness, well-being, satisfaction, pleasure, gratification, and contentment. Work is happiness. Work is solidarity. We will build Africa with our labor. It is through work that we will build a strong infrastructure in Africa . It is through work that we will industrialize Africa and Africa will have an awesome working class. It is through hard work and organization that we will liberate and unify Africa .

It is through work and organization that we attain material gains (resources). It is through work and organization that we control the resources to make sure that they benefit the workers. Through work and organization we can choose leaders who are the hardest workers for the people. As a group, women are the hardest workers.

The solution to poverty and powerlessness in Africa is to organize the whole of Africa into a sovereign state (unification). This unification must be from the bottom up and must be through the emancipation of women. The emancipation of women represents the emancipation of society since women are the most oppressed in our society. The society that we are building must be a socialist society leading to communism. The only way we are going to realize this goal is though organization. It is our goal to become so organized that we can so in one day what previously took us twenty years.