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      Haiti and the rest of us....

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      We know that the situation in Haiti can only be addressed by more effective unity in the African world. We know that the racist capitalist elements that butcher, rape and rob us all the time all over the world - all the time is behind the problems are people face in, as conscious Africans, it is our responsibility to encourage every effort to help our people there and especially the efforts initiated by our people such as the recent meeting here in Chgo, convened under the auspices of Min. Farrakhan and addressed by such stellar African activists born in Haiti as sister Marguerite Laurence...this is a critical test of our consciousness and we must not fail ourselves.

      And as you might have expected the house negro in charge (of fooling us and nothing else) Obama was on the case for his masters here is a quote from his first official statement on the Haiti earthquake situation...

      "Greater help is on the way. This will be a complex and difficult rescue and recovery operation, and it takes time to move all of the resources necessary into such a devastated environment. But more American rescue teams, doctors, nurses, and paramedics will arrive to care for the injured. More water, food, and supplies will be delivered. An aircraft carrier has arrived..."
      from his op ed NEWSWEEK article,"Why Haiti Matters"
      Obama: What America Must Do in Haiti and Why -
      Published Jan 15, 2010

      As we know aircraft carriers are used for offensive and defensive does not assist in rescue or aiding people in any form, in any manner or we have to conclude that this is part of the US tightening of their grip on our people in that area.

      This situation, plus other things such as Obama's role in destablizing and causing many deaths in Kenya when he was a Senator (on behalf of the CIA and other agencies during Bush administration) demonstrates how low he will go and more importantly the agenda and mechanism of our enemy.

      All this and more demonstrates the absolute necessity of building a grand United States of Africa under a socialist continent - wide Union encompassing all the African people of the globe.


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      Oil in Haiti(Ayiti)?

      The Haitian Blogger: Haiti Suddenly and Conveniently has Oil, Black Gold!

      There is also much discussion about the "earthquake' actually having been triggered by U.S. H.A.A.R.P. weapon attack.

      Meanwhile-REAL help begins to arrive, from Venezuela

      Venezuela forgives Haiti(Ayiti)'s debt
      Venezuela's Chavez Forgives Haiti's Debt |

      Venezuela sends free oil to Haiti(Ayiti) - Free oil supplies for Haiti as Chavez questions mass presence of US troops

      Venezuela sends two ships loaded with 792tons of humanitarian aid

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