GPS Dog Collars, What Happend to Good Old Fashioned Training?

Posted by admin on Nov 12, 2008 in Products
I find many things ridiculous and I am always amazed by what people will spend money on. For example I was browsing through one of those mall magazines you get free while on the airplane and came across a gadget that I could believe people would pay hundreds of dollars for. The item in question is a dog gps collar which keeps tabs on your dog at all times.
This is just seems ubsord to me. Why on earth would you constantly need to track your dog and why would you want to spend $500 dollars on such an item. Is it so hard to train your dog to behave and not run away? I guess that means I’m old fashioned but I just could not believe we have come to this.

Identity cards

Identity cards will provide an easy and secure way for legal UK residents to prove who they are.

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US National ID Cards by May 2008

Real ID in NY

National ID Cards
We are presently producing identification cards for one nation from our US based offices. Additionally, we are developing on site solutions for citizens to arrive at offices (and mobile offices) with the appropriate paper work and walk away with a national photo identification card moments later. This is a critical factor when it comes to producing national ID cards for nations that don’t have a proven postal delivery system.

Since many companies have been developing solutions on the higher end, we have been developing solutions that are more affordable. The present solution being developed provides the government with an online secure database providing citizen profiles for criminal records, border crossing and proof of citizenship. Live scan fingerprinting is also incorporated into the processes to incorporate a bimetric recognition solution. While we have incorporated RFID and smart card technologies into many solutions, we have steered away from these technologies because of the current controversies and their expense.

By using proven secure techologies we have been able to produce solutions that cost as little as $10 per individual in a turn key solution.

This sample pricing includes:
  • Capturing Personal Information
  • Secure National Database
  • Digital Photographs
  • Digital Fingerprints
  • Secure Photo Identification Cards

  • Holograms
  • Nano Text / Laser Text
  • Tamper Resistant Lamination
  • Guilloche Patterns
Many countries have been researching solutions for reasons from needing to verify proof of citizenship before providing any of the government provided services. A majority of the lesser developed nations provide many services to its citizens and a major problem is knowing who does and doesn’t have the right to these services. Other reasons governments are seeking national identification card solutions include:
  • Voter Registration
  • Border Control
  • Police Records
  • Census Information
  • Taxation
  • Misc Government Benefits
  • Health Care
If you would like to discuss solutions that might be applicable for a particular need, please contact our offices.
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