When I look in the mirror I see a reflection
This reflection looks back at me
This reflection speaks to me
I listen as my reflection speaks,
Depending on look the words it expresses is too much!
As a young woman it wasnít too friendly,
I swore my reflection didnít like me
It had me second guessing myself
It had me misguided
It had me not knowing myself worth
It had me dealing with weak men
It had me dealing with emotional and physical abuse.
It had me depressed.
It had me being a follower
It had me easily influenced
My reflection had bullied me!
It had me weak!
As I grew older I got courage to speak to my reflection
I asked my reflection why it was so unfriendly
My reflection told me, because I wasnít friendly either
So from then on I started conversing with my reflection
Every word wasnít friendly, but I learned to know my reflection
Now when I look in the mirror I still see my reflection.
This reflections speaks to me
No matter the day the words are still emotional!
Now I have a relationship and bond with my reflection.
My reflection is honest.
My reflection is sweet.
MY reflection is nice.
My reflection has a sense of humor..
My reflection is pretty
My reflection gives me self esteem
My reflection gives me self worth.
My reflection allows me to have high standards..
My reflection gives me self motivation.
My reflection gives me courage
My reflection even gives me swagger!
How you like that!
When you battle with your reflection you battle with yourself.
Now when I look at my reflection no matter the day,
Even when I donít like what I see,
I smile at my reflection, because my reflection is a reflection of me!
Written by: Templar Thomas ©2009