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      That White Girl Took My Girl

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      She used to be my girl, and it was all good,
      Till that white girl came creepin all up,
      In our neighborhood.
      At first, my girl used to sneak to see her,
      But as they became more intimate,
      And as she became more into it,
      It was easy to tell that she wasn’t gonna quit…
      My girl, used to be…addicted to me,
      But then, she fell in love with that white girl,
      I thought she had been hangin out with Millie Jackson or somethin,
      You know, wearing those “rose colored glasses”,
      Cause, she only saw what she wanted to see; you see,
      She thought everything was fine, but
      Before she knew it, that white girl had turnt her out…
      Turned out her body…and her mind.
      Had her turnin tricks, like a silly rabbit,
      Except, those tricks…weren’t for kids.
      You know, thinkin back now, I can see how,
      She tried to hide that girl from me,
      And I tried not to see tha signs…cause I really didn’t wanna see.
      But it finally came out in tha open,
      One day when I stopped by her place,
      And caught tha two of them in the middle of doin their thang;
      Shoulda seen that wide-eyed look on’er face…
      She was like, “Now that you know, ain nothin gone change!”
      And on that note…that white girl, she continued to chase.
      I thought slavery was over,
      But white girl had turnt my girl into her slave;
      She was givin that girl every penny that she made.
      Had blown my girl’s mind; left her with sleepless nights…and always lookin shady.
      Had her leavin her apartment at all hours…to go look for her white girl…her lady.
      Like Bonnie and Clyde, they were made for each other,
      Where you found one…you found the other.
      A little blow…toot toot,
      And just like that, my girl was gone.
      White girl was taking her on trips,
      Trips that I couldn’t even imagine takin her on.
      Had her eyes wide shut, nose wide open.
      Strung out, no doubt…yet, in tha end…
      That infamous white girl went and made my girl famous…
      That’s right, my girl…made tha news at 7,
      And the paper….the obituary column…on page eleven;
      All because…that powder, that rock, that nose candy, that snow…that base, that lady, that cocaine, that blow…
      Yeah…all because…that, “white girl”...took my girl.
      (copyright 2008)

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      This was real, I enjoyed it a lot hit home, I date a guy once that I lost to that white girl!!
      Knowledge is Power
      Love is Essence
      Elevation is Immortal
      Spiritual is Living...
      Quoted by:Templar Thomas
      Goddess of Inspiration

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      Heavy stuff
      "We may be investigated, incarcerated or murdered for the things we dare to write...
      But we are young and Black, fearless and free...
      Every poem, every incandescent word is a personal revolution"
      Celeste "ayasha" Golden (my queen rest well and I'll see you when I get there.)

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      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!

      Peace be upon you

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      that was really deep

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      Afrika iz my Block but tha whole Earth iz my Hood
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      (i thought from the title this would be about Feminism)

      yuuuppppp TOO MANY of us ran off with that whitegirl and aint been the same since, or never came back

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      Wow ! How unique was this ? enjoyed !
      Whatever you do be for who who be for you !
      ~ HERU the Poet ~

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      They say you can't get to Zion with a carnal mind.
      There's always been confliction
      Contradiction between the parts of me
      An original one, a native, and ignoble European

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