Endless Past

I look around and the world seems to stands still
Things never moving forward only just appearing to have changed
But underneath the altered surfaces, the cogs of socitey remain the same
My world view travels through mirror images mimking the same pattern
As life revolves around an idea that doesn't support living
I feel terrified that tomorrow will be the same
So I close my eyes and fall asleep praying that what I see and feel are just the flaws of my mind
Only when I wake my nightmares are this reality
Traveling through loops of today and the motionless clocks
That tick to the beat of the yesterdays thinking
I tremble with terror that I can't just do something to change it all
Wishing to reach for the hands of time and stop going nowhere at every moment, But I feel powerless to stop it
Since the living around me are willing to die to keep this faithful exsitence
Which leads us to tomorrows endless past

Jalili B. Jimiyu

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© 2009