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      Problems after 99

      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
      In the back ground plays hypnotic reams
      As I float through a dreamy state
      On top of the moon roof of my mind sprinkles pelts of hate
      That wish to get through but I've already left my (over)head
      During my ride to no where that I travel fast along my roads
      Twisting with the turns of my failures
      Later repaved by my triumphs
      I am revisited by times that speeded by
      Leaving me to wonder has time went by fast or have a just be sleep as I survive
      "Have I lost my mind" or do I just need to control my thinking
      When I crack down on what spilts my thoughts
      Trading in focus for blank stares
      I picture an endless fall at the end of my path
      That I can never avoid
      So I fall and there is usually
      Nothing more.....

      Jalili B. Jimiyu

      Yeah it's copyrighted 2009
      "We may be investigated, incarcerated or murdered for the things we dare to write...
      But we are young and Black, fearless and free...
      Every poem, every incandescent word is a personal revolution"
      Celeste "ayasha" Golden (my queen rest well and I'll see you when I get there.)

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      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
      And you say your pen isn't still blazing. Nice one, bruh!
      "Oh Africa! When shall be the term of thy long degradation? Behold here, even now, I pledge thee, O my Mother, that I shall devote my years to thee, shall work for thy redemption, shall love thee and be proud of thee and glory in thy power now lying dormant and shall strive to bring it to the light. Take my youth, my labors, my love, my all and do thou when I shall have died for thee, take me to thy bosom, an untamed, untamable African." -Hubert Harrison

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