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    Thread: ...Untitled...

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      Afrika iz my Block but tha whole Earth iz my Hood
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      Icon Flame ...Untitled...

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      What U see on tha screen its more than meets tha eye
      if U can peep between tha lines
      reaching deep beneath to breach designs
      hardly ever is their speech divine
      what they teach should be a crime
      sh^t is foul for tha meanwhile
      here and now?
      backtracking to where my spirit was found
      before tha original sin
      cavemen formed from original men
      is it the sword or the pen?
      withen ya own soul imploring again
      to keep ya higher self from ever snoring again
      armageddon style, cherubim warring with jinn
      we the best!!
      yes we are
      but defnitly scar'd
      traumatized and all stuck like FDR
      is the next president the New Deal?
      who's real?
      I gotta wonder how Ceasar's shoes feel
      who would elevate Our people's position?
      in the aftermath of the Inquisition
      economic enslavement
      caste system & prison plantations
      homothugs and FDA drug medications
      planned parenthood suggesting abortions
      foriegners enjoying our resources but wont employ us
      outsourcing got ya cake teleporting
      James Evans Jr. painting a portrait
      so shut up cuz ya rights aint important
      IRS extortion by private corporates
      who descended from pirate corposes
      broadcasted live from the matrix
      or more like Atari
      Dr Frankenstein's conrete safari
      self hating sambos wanna be Rambo
      in the belly of the snake is where alotta lambs go
      pigs fishing to sardine us so dont sleep
      our children chewed up between jaws of steel and concrete
      Nefertiti's turn nymphos but nah they just nappin
      winter goes back to spring, just a cycle that happens
      erasing our memory is the way they defeat us
      plus if moms decieved you best believe its trauma in the fetus
      Romans heathans turn us to non-believers
      through real slick low key procedures
      dollar bill eagles reppin Romulus and Remus
      they only took our chains off when we gave up fighting
      like why bother
      not honoring our Mothers and Fathers
      might be young and full of cum but we aint dumb
      just hopelessly frustrated from being the most hated
      Lazarus wiping the cole out his eye
      black phoenix rise like the shining sun in the sky
      keep da mookahs (sunglasses) on cuz blood in my eye
      remember Terminator?
      imagine a black Sarah Connor
      dozzed off and had a wet dream about Assatta
      oh girl was a ridah
      but all I need in this life of sin
      is a fisher price beat
      sum ice and a white tee
      so I can stunt on BET like life's sweet
      put me on 106 and Pork Live, and its all good
      so I could say Afrika iz ya block but da whole EARTH iz ya hood.....

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      Nice. Love the references and the rhythm.
      "Oh Africa! When shall be the term of thy long degradation? Behold here, even now, I pledge thee, O my Mother, that I shall devote my years to thee, shall work for thy redemption, shall love thee and be proud of thee and glory in thy power now lying dormant and shall strive to bring it to the light. Take my youth, my labors, my love, my all and do thou when I shall have died for thee, take me to thy bosom, an untamed, untamable African." -Hubert Harrison

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      Peace be upon you

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      Wow ! That's heartful ! I want to say nothing is really lost so far, the turnover has yet to appear..and whatever stage a black being attained could still lead him to his or her right expectations.

      I've loved the poem, it enlightens the undercover problems which many just don't want to see, but now it's shown they'll watch, and state same by logic...

      Peace to you,


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      Your insight & expression is something to behold ! loved it !
      Whatever you do be for who who be for you !
      ~ HERU the Poet ~

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