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    Thread: Dr. Capitalism

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      Dr. Capitalism

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      dr. capitalism, the godfather of isms and shisms
      he stands for individualism, monetarism and westernism
      yesterday when he was in a state of primitivism, he was then called feudalism
      no, not thy communalism, he robbed Africa with violence, slavery,
      fraudulence and colonialism, he rules with the church, market, state,
      nepotism, commercialism and imperialism

      dr. capitalism, the godfather of isms and schisms
      he fights aetheism and paganism with his God-complexism
      he says he is God
      he makes guns to kill internationalism, he comes with war macarthyism
      to wipe out communism, he contests anything and detests everything about socialism, he discourages all from activism, bolshevism and radicalism

      dr. Capitalism, the godfather of isms and schisms, he doesn't mind stalinism
      because that's still europeanism, he has no sympathy at all for Afrikanism or Pan-Afrikanism, sectarianism and tribalism
      he undermines unity with cabalism, elitism and factionalism
      he stifles oneness with homophobia, xenophobia and racism

      dr. capitalism the godfather of isms and schisms
      he lynches thy humanism with caucasianism
      to him, blacks stand accused of barbarism, cannibalism and heathenism
      he demotes so-called 'rastafarianism' and promotes materialism
      he plants democracy, white supremacy, consumerism and egoism
      he breeds greed, lies, alcoholism, ageism, satanism

      dr.capitalism the godfather of isms and shisms
      he sexes so much that he is accused with hedonism, he invades anywhere
      and conquers everywhere with sexism
      he belittles, negates and ridicules womanism with machoism
      he denounces and renounces, demonise and refuses feminism
      he hardly recognises women's rights due to male chauvinism

      dr. capitalism the godfather of isms and schisms
      he gave birth to calvinism, fascism and nazism
      he digs globalisation and privatisation, no, not collectivism
      he builds a racial and class society without egalitarianism
      he spreads prejudice, injustice, militarism and neo-liberalism
      he opposes afrocentrism with force, rape and eurocentrism

      give thanks

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      'Wanted to say 'Wow', so I say 'Wow'

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      Could you ever conceive Caucass will have to cope with your indications in their days of mind reflections ? Over to us !!


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