My father's song

I was born over here, don't know much where I am from. My father told me stories of my father long before I had come.
He sung songs of his glorious reign and his life before chains in praise and in disdain. He told me in time, I would feel the same. In time the cold reality of what is will ache in my bones, in time I'll feel lost and desperate to find my way home. He'll ramble on and on, warning me not to find comfort in my senses alone. A man needs principles that transcend the self to add real substance to his existence above all else, he would say. I can still hear him singing to me this day beyond the grave.
"Stand strong, never lower your gaze and watch the lepers cower in fear and amazement. Our history may be subject to dis-basement but never lose sight. No war worth fighting for is ever won overnight. Even when the years have rendered you old and weak, and you can not stand steady on your own two feet, take comfort behind a defiant grin and sing these words to your next of kin. Uhuru!"

by Brother Manifest Destiny