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      Life Poetry :

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      Greetings, poets. I am eventually able to share my website with you. The cd ain't out yet and when it is, it will be in autoproduction distribution unless the different labels I have contacted reply back and offer me a launch which'll hatch everything. For the reason that I live in France, I'll first have to do my marks in France or in Europe first, but I really know how to brim. I have got that special particularity of a story that makes you ask for more details if you only once glanced at it. Here and there, there and here, I'ma make apply my expectations, 'gots some irrefutable rhetorics when I speak and I make it good and reassured for your acceptations. It's many existential trials, you can cling, you can take help out, you can strengthen yourself out because there's the safety of the resolutions to the 17 tracks per 17 bad things all along. The forum there is open but even if you'll 've read the whole cd content you won't 've heard or felt the total vibe of the songs -even with the snippets there- just to say I'm now taking a quicker pace to share the main important thing : the cd and I'm sure some very interesting and insightful things can get written and shared out of it, from it, beside and make the big sprawl of existence knowledge - only for betterments..since we want only that. The matter is big. We have to pass conscience in logic, and not logic in conscience. It's a new turning point and I will change or change with safer-to-breathe air. All I know is that it's starting now...

      p.s : My album will be out in my local area in the weeks to come, I am in touch with a sound-engineer/producer in affiliation with Sony US to recommend me to Sony France (big Stuff strategy !!) ; I'm also making moves to major labels, planning on radio and local tv interviews, my 1st promotion stages with my musicians...and getting ready to enlarge my exposure. Please wish good!

      JAH - GREEN
      Information on the Universe @

      It'll speech its waves, and you'll sense...throughout the Century and the times...1.

      Anthony Bred-Field from Newark,NJ has revolutioned his astor, soon will I. Nothing freaky, an astral breath...

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      You have a very prospereous site. Uhuru for now warrior.

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