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    Thread: Full circle

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      From the extraction of our physical forms, from the land of our birth,
      To the dredging across the ocean floor, bones buried in a watery hearth,
      On slave ships, we took sail to God knows where; many not lasting the ride
      ...The New World became our prison and tomb, in chains, we learned to survive
      Through hard labor and whips, we were beaten and killed,
      Working from sunrise to sunset, picking cotton in the fields,
      Forced to speak a language, “Yesa Massa, and Yesa Ma’am
      Aye’s a pikken dis cau-un az faz az aye kain,”
      Fed scraps from a trough, given old rags for clothes
      Bred to make babies to lighten the load…
      The British colonist were ready and willing to fight
      For freedom and self reliance from England, in spite
      The dispersion of the inhabitants of the land,
      The importation and selling of a different kind of man
      “United we stand, divided we fall,” Is what the patriots said
      They fought for independence where many ended up dead
      Wrote a constitution with liberty and justice for those
      Who sailed to the New World, in first class, wearing clothes
      Fought the French and Indians in the Seven Year War
      Under the flag of England, conquered the Natives, sent the French to the shores
      The cost of the war was very expensive and taxing for the king
      “By George! The colonist must help pay for this thing”
      This set in motion conflict between the colonist and the Mother Nation
      Something called taxation without equal representation
      Thus the start of the Revolutionary War
      Where the colonist held a party at the Boston harbor shore
      A battle fought, a young Nation’s birth
      With sweat on the brows of these united colony’s , first
      War for independence from the British regime
      Severing the strings from the King and Queen
      The United States of America, a self ruling nation
      One nation under God, written as a declaration
      All men created equal unless imported from afar
      To help build a country with the whip and many scars
      The heathens were pushed further inland when,
      America’s gross national product began sailing in.

      Tears of a Nation being forced to leave their homes
      A place they called Turtle Island, on a land of which no one owns
      A proud group of peoples’ compulsory expulsion from their land
      Denigration and extermination were the Colonist’s plans
      To ease their minds and rehabilitate the heathen man
      Further down the road we became a great nation from shore to shore
      And soon became involved in a great civil war
      At a stand-still we stood ‘til we could stand, no more
      Was it slavery or economic freedom we were fighting for?
      It really doesn’t matter because the past is just the past
      Freedom forced the decision from a man wearing a stove-pipe hat
      Years went by, some people were free only by name
      Due to Jim Crowe laws, unable to vote and the Klu-Klux-Klan with their games
      A new wind was churning in the bowels of an under sieged nation
      Separate but unequal and martial laws enforcing Segregation
      I pledge allegiance to the flag of a nation with binders on it’s eyes
      Now is not the time, is what some people were told, just wait ‘til we decide
      On whither we should lend you an equal share of power
      It’s just not the year, month, day nor hour
      Now is never the time to sit back and wait for you to say
      Rebellion is inevitable for a people not to obey
      The laws of Segregation, and to discrimination they said “No More
      Boy-cots, sit-ins and marches to the country’s core
      Retaliatory strikes, pride within oneself, singing “Let Freedom Ring”
      Peace without violence staged by a people with a King
      Let freedom ring from the mountain tops, now and forever
      Let God revenge the death of Megar Evers
      And all those who have fought the battles of America’s dreams
      A new day is coming which is yet to be seen
      The Twentieth Century soon came to an end
      With new hopes of what the new millennium may bring in
      An election’s confusion decided by the court
      The son of a good president, although not quite the literary sort
      Full of arrogance with an egotistical mind
      Eager to make history of some kind
      Then it happened, a year later on the eleventh day of September
      A day of infamy; a year to which will forever be remembered
      As the day war was declared on America, crushing it’s hopes and dreams
      Al-Qaeda claiming victory led by Bin Laden and his Mujahideen
      The son of a former president vowed to take charge
      Although Osama Bin Laden, somewhere in Afghanistan, was still at large
      Our President and his Vice, already had their sights
      Set on another past foe and said, “This time we’ll make it right
      My father, in the nineties, didn’t go far enough, so I’ll do it again,
      We’ll invade Iraq, and capture Sadam Hussein
      Weapons of mass destruction is the vice that we will use
      To the United Nations and others, that’s our excuse
      March 20, 2003 is when we’ll send our first set of troops in
      For the reign of Sadam Hussein is about to end”
      Over two hundred thousand troops hit the ground
      After the world realized there were no weapons of mass destruction found
      And to continue on with this fictitious reason for the invasion
      The son of a former president claimed Iraq met up with Al-Qaeda on many occasions
      The administration of the son carefully set the propaganda in motion
      Using fear and trepidation to start the commotion
      For the confidence of a nation cast a shadow over everyone
      After the dastardly events of 911
      It wasn’t enough that, with the help of the court, he stole the election
      The son of a former president started a war of his own creation
      With the “War on Terror” the primary factor to start the distraction
      The son of a former president set his plan into action
      The reign of this president dredges up in my mind
      The first king of Israel at another place and time
      When God chose a people to walk and confide with IAM
      While leading and guiding them to the Promised Land
      Upon arriving to the land filled with milk and honey
      Jewels, fine garments and an abundance of money
      The people became complacent and a little too relaxed
      While the world crept up around them with many kingdoms at their backs
      With the fear of the world around them and the threat that they may bring
      To Samuel, the prophet, the people cried out with a loud ring
      “As with the world around us, entreat your Lord to give us a king”
      Samuel enquired of his God their request and the Lord did abide
      With the stipulation, “I will give them a king who will be a thorn in their side”
      The Lord commanded Samuel to set Saul to be the one
      The first king of Israel under the sun
      Saul, a man, of good stature and size
      Led God’s people into battle, to the Philistines demise
      Soon the Philistines reorganized and staged a massive attack
      The Hebrews, in fear, scattered throughout the mountains and the caves
      While the Philistines amassed their weapons and paved their way
      Word went back to Saul as to what should be done
      Saul said, “Seven days shall we wait for Samuel to come
      To inquire of his God, should we stand and fight or make our run”
      Seven days had past, no Samuel in site
      Saul took it upon himself to make a sacrifice
      When Samuel arrived, he rebuked the whole bunch
      Because Saul made the decision on his own hunch
      Given the chance to make amends
      Samuel went to inquire of his God once again
      God remembered what Amalek did down in Egypt land
      And commanded Saul to attack and exterminate every woman, child and man
      “Leave not a thing alive and destroy all of their wares
      Take nothing for your self, not even a thread of hair”
      Saul went down and utterly destroyed
      Spared not, a woman, man nor boy
      He captured the king and all of his wares
      His cattle, his sheep and all the livestock that was there
      The Lord came to Samuel one night in a dream
      “It repenteth me that I have set up Saul, to be king”
      For he has turned back from following my ways
      My commandments, he ignored on this very important day”
      The capture of the Amalek king and the taking of their wares and all
      Sealed the fate of king Saul which contributed to his downfall
      The arrogant nature of the first king of Israel and his selfish ways
      Angered the Great Master and shortened his days.
      Therefore, the deeds of Saul are not written in the Book of Life
      Whereas the deeds of the son of a former president cuts into history like a knife
      History will divulge the conduct a former president’s son
      If not in this life perhaps in another one
      Eight years of autocratic rule and total domination views
      “Believe in what I believe or we’ll overthrow you”
      Years of the Geneva Convention totally ignored
      Terror to treat terror, torture us, we’ll torture you with something called a water board
      Seven years of a war manufactured on a piece of paper
      To oust another leader in guise to make his world safer

      The extraction of a people from where “Original Bones” were found
      To the land where a Native People rest in underground mounds
      An aggressive peoples’ claim to a “New Colony” to escape a queen and king
      To revolutionize a country to where freedom rings
      The pangs of birth, a volcanoe’s growth, a tsunami under the sea
      The earth quakes, the trees shake, a millennium in delivery
      Eight years of unrest, a dictator trying his best to seal his fate in the sand
      A people fed up, a country held up, a dictator no longer in demand
      God Blessed America which changed a Nation’s fate
      The people elected the son of a real African man as President of The United States

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      Thank you.

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      Immaculate Co(n)ception

      Hoechst, Syngenta/

      Applied Biology Scientist (SS).

      Diabolical, yet...when you swore in as a warden for the enemy; Alien resident(s') can't become Naturalized Europeans.

      [Legal institutional slavery via Oath of Supremacy.]

      Courtesy: Of the Peerage Act 1322

      "Preserve the Union" thru ProBlack imagery.

      Restore "the crown" thru, "Crowded, extra-prison, stem-cell-sentences."

      That's why I "Nut up" and divide my judgement into regiments.

      ("When you swore in I had to catch my throat/
      My mind still warped from all the lives they broke.")

      Similar to what Hitler accomplished from all "the whites" he "smoked".

      Miscegenation thru integration, without assimilation;
      Then scientifically take the credit for "procreation."

      The Emaculate Co(n)ception.

      Global Health care; "appropriate-the-melanin" from Natural-born citizens.

      ...and Factor 8, I.U.D; spreading Aids and pestilence.

      Peace be upon you

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      2 dollars: I wish Lauren Hill's unplugged was more like that. 'Thinking it's you who has the mic spitting-sharing the sense of something due and full of perspectives for the mind. just for the liking of the text.

      Otherwise, it's a great useful list to refer to at anytime for a knowledge of what shouldn't be happening again. I'm reassured because you can deal with different levels of conscience, it's really three eyes open there and it makes me glad that you can reach the span of the past : The Bible's Testimonies, The Likewise-ness of The Early Growth of America's Results and Your Whole Text Efficiency to any who'll read it as to clear and cleanse all along its continuity. You put no doubt to betterments to-come whereas most occidental people glance up to view if there're some or not and then decide to abide in the idea (of betterments) or not. I thumb your text up at no-leave-it-at-that and sole logic of non-regression. A+ at "Tell The Past Of Your Country Until Today Without Underpassing Its Worth". It's litterature and history courses you have nourrished me with there, I felt like going back to college, lol. But, yeah, France and the United States are different countries and it leads me to what Pragmatic said in his post...first this : you caught your throat and/but it's a might of soul you should work on settling the unswerving message you have to pass out too. I wish you wrote poems here so we could all witness what a brother's evolvement looks like. And, naturalized Europeans, what can I say ? It's funny because the trade now that mirrors the U.S in both new aspects is about what black spirituality and white wealth can share together, vicious like that. It may crumble if none of both races remain in their shoes ; black peeps and spiritual misdeeds and white heads proposing dirt money when they expect a spiritual wage. It's not the time now when I "Sun's-Negative" all that but I know what is needed is conscience in its full size to be told (by any). But don't care Pragmatic, the feelings God gives you to feel is to straighten out by the Infallible Word Of Justness. "They" know we are particular and that the Hitler theory was based upon the Black Man, no offense to Africans in not to let them settle in a dirty past land or yearning and longing for the Truth of The Black Men "they" are not doubting of ? "Them" too await "a new day [is] coming which is yet to be seen." All I say to you you you is "fill yourself hope". Just my 2 cents about the aliens, woarpppp!!


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      I absolutely enjoyed this.. few things I must look up. Nice!
      "My Light May Dim, But It'll Never Go Out" - The Ills by SuNn

      "Love Is All" - SuNn

      "Fire will attract more attention than any other cry for help" - Jean-Michel Basquiat

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