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      Post POETS PRACTICE RECIPROCITY -- Please Read BEFORE Posting Your Poetry.

      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
      This is a New Day, folks.

      Too many poets, poetry enthusiasts, thinkers, writers, and all-around warriors are posting their words here, not receiving any word from us.

      At the same time, those same poets, poetry enthusiasts, thinkers, writers, and all-around warriors are not offering the same love in return.


      ANYONE posting poetry here, needs to practice reciprocity! For every poem you post, read and respond to at lease ONE other poet. The general practice amongst poets in public spaces is reading/listening to 3 other poems before sharing your own. This is to ensure everyone is cared for and listened to amongst us.

      For now, everything remains open. If our part of this community remains unbalanced, we'll have to close your new threads until/unless you share your soul in other's. Just for balance.


      Black Beyond Belief

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      "We may be investigated, incarcerated or murdered for the things we dare to write...
      But we are young and Black, fearless and free...
      Every poem, every incandescent word is a personal revolution"
      Celeste "ayasha" Golden (my queen rest well and I'll see you when I get there.)

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      Blackicon Peace i wonder who i am sometimes but the fact is im already known

      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
      well i know why im writing this without a gun to my head,
      so by the time you read this i'll still be in bed,
      not hungover or beatin to a pulp,
      and im not swingin on someone's rope,
      what it is im tring to say and the point should be clear,
      is that shit has gotten out of hand but have no fear,
      i have no place in this city you live
      and money aint the problem but i still need to give,
      my time and energy in awhole new direction,
      it is my life that needs more satisfaction,
      im sorry to end this like the way it happened,
      but it was just an instant knee-jerk reaction,
      to the shit that i had heard seen and saw,
      i said to myself " i don't have time for this bullshit anymore"
      i came in on monday and that was the last,
      no love no hope and i wish for the past,
      to came back again but that is just a dream i lived,
      that place now is doing my head like a sieve,
      with no need for direction or purpose in life,
      the only things accomplished was getting into strife,
      with the law and the homeless but where do i belong,
      i need to get away and sing a new song,
      a song about life and not just about greed,
      but a place that has no point sorta like weed,
      i just put that in there cause it just rhymed in time,
      but now i have to break out of the sublime,
      and choose a life to live by example,
      not the one now that had me in a trample,
      to pretend to be homeless and to work all night,
      i just want to wear all the fine things in life,
      not have to change with society's thinking alright!
      so im hear to let you know that i have one path tonight,
      and that path is for me to find but yet i know,
      so no more double life for me and hopefully i can grow,
      so i'll end it right here and i hope you get this clear,
      that "i quit and that also goes for the beer"
      peace until the end of time,
      im going to go out and get mine,
      so life can be better for all
      and hopefully....hopefully
      the money that i owe you...not you...but him will be fully restored

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      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
      I like this poem because it seems to flow freely and capture a lot of pure thoughts and emotions. The paired line rhyming seems contrived in places. There are a few misspellings as well. I like the strength inherent in this poem and personal revelation.

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