A few lines a margin
Held in some binding
A cover may with a design
Or a scribble to check the ink in a pen
A small section to the side for notes and such
Thatís until the pen meets the paper
A spark springs into the mind
Pushing thoughts to the hand
A message in art bleeds on the blankness
Floods of emotion wash on the lines
Another page then another is over taken
Silent screams are unleashed
As the paper is struck repeatedly
With the sharp edge of the writers knife
A wake of renewal is left
The notebook now contains the scars
A line is made to hold the burden
Of a feeling, an emotion, a fury
An enlightenment buried in the letters forming words making sentences
Starting with a blank page
A revolution is quietly written
In a corner of a mind withÖ
A pen, a notebook and a need to write

Jalili B. Jimiyu

Yeah itís copyrighted © 2008