Formerly a ward/ apprenticeship
to Unified schools.


I just seen dude..[duplex cookies]/ one for one; he was just slangin.

Why he laying out-the-hatchback? Breathing thru his chest-hole; Homeschool.

No exaggeration. Flannel shirt ripped-up the size of a cannon.
Looking at my face (Shit! [he can't breathe]) I guess that means desperate; Soul food.

So, we held hostage on the reservation.

I was indoctrinated and led to believe Africans was enslaved. Thereafter trained to be afraid; So these is my role model's\ White Mercenary.
More than a good fit for the millitary.

That is far from the truth;
Try this on for size...

Prisoner's of War.

The next time somone tries to put a "dub-on-the score".

"Chained, shackled, and bred for defeat;
Escaped, rebelled, and insurrect with the heat!"

In the hereafter, that's the kinda Blackfolks I wanna meet.


Peace be upon you

Charge *see more at "ward"