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    Thread: Instinct

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      Every animal in nature has a natural enemy.

      Mines is Oppression. Whatever color skin it-come-in.

      My mind is sharp in it's undilluted state; and that's ya ass.

      But when I take the first one; drink or drug. My mind and body goes into self-preservation to protect me from the one thing I should be fighting instinctually.

      Instead I hold my self hostage and have my own ass by turning against the one thing my mind doesnt' recognize oppressed: intoxicated or defeated; me.

      Peace be upon you


      An Indian Prayer by Chief Yellow Lark, Lakota

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      You Have Serious Problems

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      In a first stage, I would recommend you the post I typed in your "ankh" post. It's your only path, good luck. Though, reincarnation can be unspacial when you submit just the idea, thought or considering to it ; space doesn't go without time but for partial reincarnation : the time is now. You cannot go on your life in feeling an inverse strength or sort of minded aura without realizing it is your binomical being's. You did tell effeminate of yours, what about trying a mere girl-minded approach to your fears and see for your self -it'll fit your truth-and you will have a relieving result. You cannot pretend either that you are oppressed for you're the tenser of the situation you live when you live it ; who or what of your magnetism wants you beside if you are not scared of your person but of...others ? And if, and if it was there to protect you from so thoughts of insecurity of mind. Go to the mate's door and live, with, through, within, throughout it with no doubts, apprehensions, fear or fright, and pangs and see what's behind. Easy like this : if he is there for you and calls, you're this moron in your post proving him you front-decline. He senses, a man always senses his truth and acts...Go for them, now is the time.

      Peace bruh', never thought conscience could show so lownesses on the personal, especially on Fighters' Forum...To be continued ??

      I ain't calling your paring being a drunkun (nor you), but be the bright other part one to take it up to better, together...

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