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      Many blind men know where they are going

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      Are you blind?
      Do you know where you are going? Have you seen the place?
      If you have been traveling a long time you may have.
      If you have a stick you may not have much trouble getting there even though the walk is long.
      If you are bumping into walls and falling down all the time you need some help.

      I know where i am going. I havent seen the place
      but i have been traveling a long time.
      My stick is jesus christ.
      My stick checks for walls around me.
      We all bump into things and stumble.
      If you keep and keep falling down maybe you need jesus christ.

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      Jesus-Christ of all times prior to Adam and after any this present time is the Savior, the Son of The Lord designed to empure all souls living in any given times. The Son of Man can direct your life towards the purpose of it and will ally you in your strives because they are just and eradicating of the serpent which will find no days in the times of perpetuity. Adom (not Adam) took care of his offsprings until the times of regeneration of souls (two thousand years ago) and declared any man free through his reappearancing Son's Law coming from Above where his father continuously stands. Adam discarded his responsibilities and led the people of his branch come down (while Adom's -also called Adama- took for granted the path directed by his father-the Lord Physicker). He, Adom, followed His lifetimes beside the lifetimes of many and ruled His path onwards, until the day of His Talk. Rest assured that the Divine Commandments will arrive to you who trusts, believes and walks to your soul's belonging. Happy For You.

      Information on the Universe @

      It'll speech its waves, and you'll sense...throughout the Century and the times...1.

      Anthony Bred-Field from Newark,NJ has revolutioned his astor, soon will I. Nothing freaky, an astral breath...

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