I'm grateful for the experience you offered me.

Because with that choice, presented to me, I've learned to forgive;
You and myself.

Although, the decision was made for me. I know that with a certainty it could destroy the life of someone else.

So it is not in my best interest to consider it as a benefit; but a liability.

Today I choose mercy as my attribute.

Peace be upon you


It was mercy from GOD that you became compassionate towards them. Had you been harsh and mean-hearted, they would have abandoned you. Therefore, you shall pardon them and ask forgiveness for them, and consult them. Once you make a decision, carry out your plan, and trust in GOD. GOD loves those who trust in Him.


Say, "To whom belongs everything in the heavens and the earth?" Say, "To GOD." He has decreed that mercy is His attribute. He will surely summon you all on the Day of Resurrection, which is inevitable. The ones who lose their souls are those who disbelieve.