"In this span of space and rhyme/
we're just babies; time is unreal."

So when I stand up, I bow my head, when
"they" say the pledge.

What do I look like giving my allegiance, to people
who don't have no boundaries in they head?

My enemies.

In this time of insensitivity. The ancestors left the message,
written in stone:

Put one foot in-front-of the other, regardless of color, on your way home.


From the tomb of Seti I.

Peace be upon you

"31. Accept the authority of your leaders then your house will endure in it's wealth. Your rewards will come from the right place. Wretched is he who opposes his leader. One lives as long as he is mild. Baring your arm does not hurt it. Do not plunder your neighbor's house or steal the goods of one that is near you, lest he denounce you before you are even heard. One who is argumentative is a mildless person. If he is also known as an aggressor, then that hostile man will have trouble in the neighborhood."

The Teachings of Ptah Hotep


Digable Planets qoute from, "Reachin (A New Refutation of Time and Space)" song: Examination of What


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