It is a good thing to let God say His Spell even though we must wait He says it for our ears to hear. Most of the times, the human develops his or her proper ideas, indeed, to place on their perceptions they carry of God. It looks like full gratitude but God shall never intervene to rectify because His Name alone is much in a mind which shan’t be told His Actual Mind even though the yearning for it was the start of the process. This is a multiple-dozen-year-waiting song until it charts up theological-like ; thou may know what timelessness is. Good read, you all ever growing…!

(L. Johnson / C. O’Hara / P. Fittins)

Streets! Streets! Listen to this! It’s us not others we…be there to flutter
(Launa & Prus)
And see if they were inclined to it…
Here’s when they betray themselves to the others…

I never tell the core of my light what it should do to repair my hike
Like I ever talk mine about the score I bright fight.
She knows, she goes, and I ain’t no lure at dive-whack.
She thought it for me but I ain’t impure at hijacking bad crap.
Swap your hatred and be bopped by her who sways the jurying mops.
Pops lust into Jesus-Christ but My Son saves himself like
His Mother Nature cares who could lead him to act so
On His Behalf, it eats so many courageous self-ditto characters.
It’s a plunder when you acted in His Name ‘nstead a yours,
But you never trust that, (darling) it is not your belief ya offspring just uncures
When it gets to throwing ‘nto Hell and bail their yell to tell bevengeors?
“What is force and its abilities if you cain’t even use it for the right thing for?”
The bright thing, for, when you need my defence, I send my upbrought Savior (Launa: All the same…)
But you’re there, thinking I…don’t even dare whomever your scare needs a prayer.
Couldn’t they save themselves with the conscience I’d sent yesteryear?
Don’t betake the Christ, you’ll end on a cross, it’s like one-humanity’ll be bleeding (‘ll be bleeding…)
If they don’t perform their wise as they open up their eyes, it’s same-leveling ciphering.
Who was there seeing us nailed for the accompaniment of the song?
The Jew known now how his palaver was wrong, yep, we trained his twister tongue:
“Only me, only me”, and the others may react on the strong.

Since all have their possibilities of obtainments
And share the knowledge of the world with sustainments,
It’s maintainance we now must belast with improvements.
I can just dance holding my round belly and watch forth
My future times heading full north in cosmos vaults.
Doors ought to open for you too if you claim salvation’s hauls.
I don’t need your confirmation, it’s allusion to the comparison
With before when skizo meant unification…!

Who are you say’ng that to? Preparations need first seemness due!
Who goose would flute you cruised to fruit’s main clue?
I’d given My Son in order to settle The Rules in every flu.
Let them heal and let them feel the mighty fluke,
And let me look it like I want it for my beings ‘ve been gifted-took
Since the beginning like it never passed a cook…!
(Y’all so lucky…)

(Launa singing chorus)
You’ve been given your son
‘Til you ain’t sharin’ on.
That’s what I’ve deemed ungood.

One claimed barok is on
And he couldn’t last on.
That’s what you’ve understood.

(Wije & Prus)

(Launa singing chorus)
You’ve been given your son
‘Til you ain’t sharin’ on.
That’s what I’ve understood now.

One claimed barok is on
And he couldn’t last on.
That’s what you’ve deemed ungood ‘nd sour.

(Wije & Prus)

The truest King and the truest Light,
Reaching their prime intentions in the truest plight.
Who so be them, we beat them tight
To the near resolution in the fluest heights.
Dice rolled and drafts told the invisible at the unseen act:
No noticing, no remark and the truth stayed on their hands.
He built, She created, He guilded, She unsnaked by one-prophing The Grands of Them ;
Kept a mayhem unlived unless Her Son claimed His Reigned Godful Condemnation.
Nations would ration blood while their fashion would assure scourge
Of which ways of dying remains merely its tail-biting merge.
You shouldn’t stifle for just because Their Son was to do evil urgingly (With Launa: in.)
And He ain’t dirtied His Blows, and He can’t choose for your owes.
You ought not to be at bows if your heart is their egoes
Now all know that, five boroughs discuss that with their viewpoints,
Checkpoints at each and every enlightenment
Eas’ly bringing them to their personal vanishing point
Of learning, asking, looking for and knocking throughout the Apple’s worldwide joint.
Bite you-killed if it’s still not with-through your soulmate anointment ;
How pleasant to live one’s life with love and passion?! Tell me Launa…

( Launa )
I was lonely and helpless, pregnant as usual, bent weakness.
What could I tell My Son? His Daddy’s future-less.
So I’m liftin’ Him up, My Son, in my arms so He can be attest-
Ation of future to-be at now hence, ‘sews lence.
So that’s how the home is visible, happy inside and inclined to example-ness.
Will it forge the by-passers to view me shiny from aim-completion hatchers
With no hopelessness? I see them hanging around and it’s fine that’s how the city goes.
Inform the folks and rent a pause that’s mobile in memoirs of unbeing lows.
Ey yep!! (Ey yep!!) Rep your course and arrive with archives to refer at!!
That’s the routine that!...Bypass that…!!!..

Indeed, you knew it all. Don’t make like you’re just known
Or someone had to make you…woho!! You’re sewn
And My Son won’t hurt you, ’cause He leaves you just good
In front of Our Eyes like it’s mise for eternalhood.
Be a God of yourself, make your partner the same..
Goddesses?? (Goddesses??), make your man work “The Forge”.

(Launa singing chorus)
You’ve been given your son
‘Til you ain’t sharin’ on.
(Wije: I’ll give you a new son..)
That’s what I’ve deemed ungood.
(Wije: And I’ll be sharing on..)
(Prus: That’s the fam’ly that..)

One claimed barok is on
And he couldn’t last on.
(Prus: Definitely jumped from the upper deck, but hey…)
That’s what you’ve understood.
(Prus: He could rhyme//Wije: He could rhyme but he wasn’t all-streets.)

(Wije & Prus)

(Launa singing chorus)
You’ve been given your son
‘Til you ain’t sharin’ on.
That’s what I’ve understood now.
(Wije: Told you the cipher’s for my male believers to have princes borne, and this since then!!)

One claimed barok is on
(Prus: Three and a half billions princes!!! Princess found and they just become Gods..)
And he couldn’t last on
(Prus: Nah…//Wije: Nah, he coulda last though but he faked his behalf..)
That’s what you’ve deemed ungood ‘nd sour
(Wije: I would)

(Wije & Prus)

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