AT LAST (There Is Mini)
(4 June 2008 by Carl A. Patton)

Although at different times we had
both heard the sultry Etta James
(Big Red) sing out with much soul
and emotion “At Last.”

But now we testify that now we know
what our “At Last” really means. “At Last,”
finally we have found sweet love. Can
“At Last” also mean forever and always?

I know of a sweet spirit “At Last.” I know
of true kindness “At Last.” I can embrace
true happiness “At Last.” Darling “At Last”
my life although long lasting now has,

Only began to see, feel and touch
things I have passed by as I wander
throughout this foreign land. “At Last” to
feel the warmth and comfort of,

Loving sincere arms. “At Last” to
truly capture love as it has eluded
me for many days of my life. As we
look into God’s Creation we can
both see the Son “At Last.”

“At Last” for everlasting, for an
eternity which will never end “At