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      Lightbulb Dr. Mutulu Shakur and Some History

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      Dr. Mutulu Shakur and Some History

      In light of all of the talk of war, and the American state, it can be
      guaranteed that the internal wars within the US will be ignored.

      Even the antiwar Americans do not have much to say about the
      historical foundation of the US state: genocide of Indigenous and
      African peoples.

      But to speak of the ongoing wars against the national minorities (a
      United Nations term that abstractly defines us) in the USA is
      politically taboo.

      The real social crime, however, is the forum that lets the ones
      resisting explain. Freedom of speech is a cruel joke, you see, if you
      are going to criticize America from a standpoint of denying that it
      has sovereignty over your people. To do that in America will mean you
      will be called a terrorist.

      In fact, this writer types this from exile, as a banned person though
      I was born in the US and I am sometimes called African American. I
      will however present to you, the reader, the story of someone I am
      confident appreciates being given a bullhorn to be heard.

      Living, organizing for unity and extending his 57 year old hands to
      end the youth killing themselves is Dr. Mutulu Shakur. Even though he
      is constantly shuttled to and from one end of the continental US to
      the other inside the Prison Nation, he will not stop. Long
      ago, "youth activists" had been bought off to look the other way. Or
      people simply made a career out of pretending the predicament is the
      fault of the young women and men themselves.

      Why is Dr. Mutulu Shakur doing this? And what is his fight?

      First, his experience as a 1960s activist, in the throes of mid and
      late 60's struggles, Dr. Shakur became aware of, and defended himself
      and others from intense US military attacks. Written largely out of
      the history of this period are the influential New York City Black
      Panther Party for Self Defense chapter founders and daily staff such
      as Zayd Malik Shakur and Lumumba Abdul Shakur. Dr. Shakur, Afeni
      Shakur, and someone called Assata Shakur, also in the collectively
      named extended family, were energetically providing teamwork to
      address drug dependency, illiteracy, police attacks, malnutrition and
      political ignorance.

      In Harlem and various sections and boroughs of America's largest
      city, the free of charge Black Panther Party health and Free
      Children's Breakfast Program drew the attack by the government.
      Sickle Cell Anemia, a disease affecting many Black and Brown people
      was dealt with with a mobile van in some cities. Out of the houses
      and even the hospitals came the people seeking compassionate medical
      help. The foundation of the Nation of Islam's drug kicking program
      was built upon and Dr. Shakur was a prominent official at Lincoln
      Detox. Because the women and men were determined to defend these
      grassroots efforts to be self sufficient, the state began a furious
      rush to destroy the Black Panther Party, the Brown Berets, Young
      Lords and other organizations national and local.

      It must be said that in the year that Martin Luther King was
      assassinated in Memphis Tennessee, 1968, the US government schools
      did not have a breakfast program for impoverished youth. Instead,
      nationwide, whether through direct military raids (and often after
      spreading degrading and discrediting information) the White House
      stopped sympathetic churches, commercial food outlets and social
      figures from supporting the Free Breakfast Program begun by the Black
      Panther Party.

      As the US government systematically began jailing, killing and
      imprisoning (also forcing some persons into exile) the Black Panther
      Party, the Republic of New Afrika and various formations, it also
      presented a free breakfast program-after the example of the Black
      Panther Party for Self Defense. Its informants into the Black Panther
      Party even appeared `in uniform' before a US investigative committee
      to denounce the Party as armed robbers and extortioners. The full
      monolith of persecution hit the young (few were over age 35) and the
      communications medium of corporate/government television and print
      media added to the racist portrayal of the Black Panther Party.
      Although this was a global discrediting thrust, the Black Panther
      Party support system reached as far as Havana, Cuba, Copenhagen,
      Denmark and Algiers, Algeria. After two years, (1969-1971) though,
      the NYC police and the FBI COINTELPRO (counterintelligence by US
      federal police) had failed in a massive roundup of Panthers and a
      fusillade of criminal charges: the Panther 21 were acquitted of 156
      counts of attempts to destroy property including food stores.
      Hundreds of the young people who had answered a call to freedom arms,
      took a stand to stop police terror and American sanctioned poverty
      were killed and imprisoned. By the mid seventies' the Party had been
      marginalized. But the new forms of underground armed wings such as
      the Black Liberation Army formed and fought on-the US government had
      never stopped waging war. The public may have been oblivious, but Dr.
      Mutulu Shakur and others battled on, trying to save communities
      ravaged by drugs, and the underworld often supported by police. He
      would one day be charged by the government with helping Assata Shakur
      to reach the shores of Cuba.

      Dr. Mutulu Shakur today is held in the prisons that now hold new
      generations of youth trapped in a violent and drug infused world that
      is US society. He was captured and sentenced to 6 decades in prison
      in 1986. 21 of his 57 years have been behind iron bars. Other former
      New York City Black Panther chapter members have faced different
      fates after the government fractured and shattered an important part
      of the Black Movement for Justice.

      Abdul Majid is in US prisons since the early 1980s. He is 58.

      Zayd Malik Shakur was shot to death by New Jersey state police in
      1973. He was in his thirties. He was a legendary defender of the
      early Black Panther Party chapter in New York City.

      Assata Shakur is in exile in Cuba and is accepted as a seeker of
      political asylum. She fled after 6 years in America's prisons and
      then lived underground in the US. The former Black Panther Party
      member is 60 this year.

      Sundiata Acoli one of the longest held political prisoners in the US
      at 70 years old (35 years not including earlier imprisonment). The
      former computer professional joined the New York City Party chapter
      in its initial stages.

      Dhoruba bin Wahad is 63. He was one of the Panther 21 and following
      this was targeted by the FBI and sentenced to 25 years to life in
      1973 and was released in 1990 when the government's case (FBI
      COINTELPRO frame-up) fell apart. He is based in Ghana, West Africa.

      Afeni Shakur, the mother of the murdered hip hop great Tupac Amaru
      Shakur (1971-1996), is 60 this year and had been a key defendant with
      professional legal abilities in the Panther 21 case.

      Lumumba Abdul Shakur was murdered at the time of Dr. Mutulu Shakur's
      intensified FBI targeting, in 1985. He was in his forties and had
      stood firm in the first days as a founder of the NYC Party chapter.
      He figured prominently in fighting off charges in the Panther 21 case
      and was at one time the husband of Afeni Shakur.

      Dr. Mutulu Shakur strives on with his legal cases and has a parole
      hearing in June 2007.

      For more information on support for Dr. Mutulu Shakur see

      18 May 2007
      From Exile,

      Nov 2, 2015 "Assata Shakur Liberation Day" marks 36 yrs of freedom for our Comrade Assata Shakur, Our Warrior was liberated from a NJ prison by Comrades In The Black Liberation Army click here to read more or here

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      Related Reading

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      Dr. Shakur is a power brother and Master Teacher; a first class, old school RBG Street Scholar. I have been a student of his for over 25 years. His works serve as one of RBG Street Scholars Think Tank’s primary learning sources. Herein are SOME OF his writings, newsletters and interviews. All RBG Street Scholars in residence are required to study these learning objects with close attention. I here many hip-hop headz and rap lovers refer to Tupac as prophet, in light of the knowledge he so eloquently dropped in many of his most memorable hits. Well I am old enough to know from where his keen insight was born and nurtured--- Firstly, he was an educated YOUNG MAN (one who took the time to pick up a book and read critically ) like myself he had a $100,000 European education and a $1,000,000 Afrikan-Centered education , compliments of his being raised in and around real Nu Afrikan Revolutionaries and revolutionary struggle for our people. His mother and father were two of my 1970’s S/heroes. They are the type of intellectuals/ Activist (street scholars) that have contributed copiously to my being inclined to create this school. Today I believe in each one teach one. thus, I will see to it, as they did for me, that each and every one of my serious students learns all that I know—and who taught me—Dr. Shakur was/is one of those teachers.

      About Dr. Shakur

      Mutulu Shakur is a Doctor of Acupuncture. Dr. Shakur is also a deeply committed New Afrikan (Black) community political activist who has taken part for years in the struggles for the liberation and development of New Afrikan (Black) people in America.

      Shakur's political and social consciousness began to develop early in his life. His mother suffered not only from being Black and female, but she was also blind. It was Shakur's first confrontation with the state. The experience of helping his mother negotiate the social service system made him realize that the system does not operate in the interests of Black people and that Black people must control the institutions that affect their lives.

      It is not surprising then that one of the first struggles in which he became involved was Ocean Hill-Brownsville in Brooklyn, where Black parents were struggling to control their children's educational density. His participation was also based on his own experiences in the New York public school system. "I was involved because I had been miseducated, abused, and disrespected," said Shakur. "Ocean Hill-Brownsville was similar to the struggle in Soweto in 1976 in which the people struggled against the system of Bantu education."

      As an acupuncturist and health-care worker, Shakur worked from 1971 to 1978 for the Lincoln Hospital Detoxification Program in the Bronx, New York. From 1978 to 1982, Dr. Shakur was the Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Black Acupuncture Advisory Association of North America (BAAANA) and the Harlem Institute of Acupuncture. At Lincoln, Dr. Shakur led a program which used acupuncture to assist in the detoxification of thousands of drug addicts. The Lincoln Detox Program was recognized as the largest and most effective of its kind by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, National Acupuncture Research Society, and the World Academic Society of Acupuncture.

      At BAAANA, Dr. Shakur continued his remarkable work against drug addiction. He also treated and/or supervised the treatment of thousands of elderly and poor patients who otherwise would have received no treatment of this kind. Patients were able to receive quality health care at reasonable prices. Moreover, the clinic at BAAANA served on a regular basis many community leaders, political activists, lawyers, doctors, and various international dignitaries. At BAAANA, Dr. Shakur and his fellow cofounder, Dr. Richard Delaney, trained over one hundred students in the medical science of acupuncture. The training was accomplished through the BAAANA affiliate called the Harlem Institute of Acupuncture. Some of the trainees at the Harlem Institute of Acupuncture were already medical doctors, licensed by various states in the U.S.

      In the late 1970s Dr. Shakur traveled with Dr. Mario Wexu, Direction of Education at the International Association of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture at Montreal, to the People's Republic of China, where he observed and studied acupuncture applied as the primary form of medical care. Dr. Shakur's work in acupuncture and drug detoxification was nationally and internationally known. Dr. Shakur and his colleague, Richard Delaney, by invitation attended and lectured on their work at many conferences.

      Out of the bowels of prison came
      the likes of Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X,
      George Jackson, Bunchy Carter, Ahmad
      Evans, Eldridge Cleaver, Sekou Odinga,
      Dhoruba bin Wahad, Lumumba Shakur,
      Albert Nuh Washington, H. Rap Brown
      and many other lesser known but just as
      important resisters. Many of the Civil Rights
      leaders and participants were protected
      and encouraged by their pilgrimage to prison.
      Mutulu Shakur

      Brother Shakur also worked with the Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM) in his early years. This was a Revolutionary Black Nationalist group which struggled for Black self- determination and socialist change in America.

      Brother Shakur's primary work as a political activist was as a cofounder, leader, worker, and security personnel in the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika. The Provisional Government was founded in 1968. Its objectives were to establish an independent New Afrikan (Black) Republic in the states of Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana, the traditional Blackbelt states in the Southeastern portion of the USA. Although the Provisional Government's objectives were certainly viewed with disdain by the U.S. government, various American law enforcement agencies, media giants, and whites generally, its existence has been long-standing and supported by reputable persons in the Black communities across the country. Indeed, the P.G. RNA and the New Afrikan Independence Movement, of which it is a part, grew out of the various struggles of Blacks against repression in America. The Provisional Government is, in part, supported by and composed of educators, lawyers, political leaders, workers, and other reputable persons in the Black communities across America. Brother Shakur has also supported the struggles for Afrikan independence in Afrika. Indeed, he traveled to the nation of Zimbabwe in 1980 at the invitation of the Zimbabwe Afrikan National Union.

      Brother Dr. Shakur has furthermore been a dedicated worker and champion in the struggle against political imprisonment and political convictions of Black activists in America. He has also been a leader in the struggle against the illegal U.S. and local law enforcement programs designed to destroy the Black movement in America and has worked to expose and to stop the secret American war against its Black colony.

      Bro. Shakur served on the Committee to Defend Herman Ferguson, a leading Black political activist and educator charged in the RAM conspiracy case of the 1960s. Dr. Shakur was a member of the National Committee to Free Political Prisoners. He has worked to legally defend and support political prisoners and prisoners of war like Imari Obadele, Ph.D., and the RNA 11, Rev. Ben Chavis and the Wilmington 10, Geronimo Pratt of the Black Panther Party, Assata Shakur of the Black Liberation Army, and Sundiata Acoli of the Black Liberation Army. He contributed to the development of a petition to the United Nations by the National Conference of Black Lawyers and others. The petition is now documented in the book, Illusions of Justice, by Lennox S. Hinds. He has worked with the National Conference of Black Lawyers in developing defense committees for numerous political prisoners and Black prisoners of war.

      Bro. Shakur was most importantly a cofounder and director of the National Task Force for COINTELPRO Litigation and Research which investigated, exposed, and instigated suits against the FBI and other American law agencies for criminal acts, domestic spying, dirty tricks, repression, and counterinsurgency warfare maneuvers against the New Afrikan Independence struggle and others struggling against oppression in the U.S.

      Because of his work in the National Liberation Movement, his freedom of information files (F.O.I.A.) expose that, from the age of 19, Dr. Shakur's activities in the National Liberation Movement were reported to the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation every three months. These reports contained language clearly indicating a nefarious set of actions against him. He believes through continuing discovery actions, more significant information will be exposed, revealing a classic continuation of COINTELPRO leading to his indictment in 1981. He was charged and convicted, and was sentenced to 60 years, for allegedly perpetrating a conspiracy against the United States government, regarding the activities of the Black Liberation Army/New Afrikan Freedom Fighters; charges which consisted of expropriations of funds, which reportedly went to liberation movements throughout the United States, and throughout the world; regarding the liberation of Prisoners of War inside the U.S. prisons, such as Assata Shakur, and the perpetuation of an underground network. From Can't Jail the Spirit, Third Edition, October, 1992; Editorial El Coqui, Publishers How you can support Mutulu Shakur Visit the PARC political prisoner listing for Mutulu Shakur's current address.

      Modified From: One of RBG Street Scholar's Leaders & Teachers: Dr. Mutulu Shakur

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