Wed at 6:43pm
March 27, 2010

Open Letter from Robert Seth Hayes

Revolutionary Greetings,

My name is Robert Seth Hayes, and I am a former member of the Black
Panther Party who has been held as a political prisoner in New York
State for the past 37 years. I am presently awaiting a parole board
hearing in June 2010, but I intend to post-pone the hearing while I
await the results of my legal battle in the courts concerning my appeal
of the 2008 decision of the NYS Parole Board commissioners in my case. I
believe we have a better than good chance of gaining a new hearing with
new guidelines or restrictions on what can and cannot be used at my

I’ve spent over 37 years in prison thus far. On many occasions I felt
release imminent only to be disappointed and almost discouraged by the
blatant racism manifested by those with authority over me. After
bringing the spot light on my condition and circumstances before the
courts. I now feel I have a better than good chance of winning release.
We are presently in court seeking a reversal to the order which denied
me parole for another 2 years. The 2008 parole board hearing was the
sixth time I’d attended without gaining parole or possible consideration
for parole. Now up for parole for the seventh time, I hope to win.
Because my next parole board appearance is slated for June 2010, I plan
on postponing that hearing as I await the results of our present
petition before the courts.

If we are able to win a victory in court it will grant me a clean slate
to approach the parole board with consideration for release. The
commissioners at that time will only be able to make their decision on
my conviction, and my present time served. At long last, the only
considerations will be my achievements while incarcerated and my goals
and plans upon being released, and not my political beliefs, my past
membership in the Black Panther Party or my military record in Vietnam –
all issues that the parole board has used to deny me parole in the

We are prepared to argue before the courts that the commissioners of
Parole court hearing are utilizing false and misleading information in
making a determination of continued incarceration and thereby straying
from the official guidelines which they are required to uphold. If they
are forced to use the actual law in their decision, they will only be
able to look at my original conviction and my behavior over the time I
served in prison. They will be hard pressed to demand continued
incarceration based on “gut feelings”, outside the commitments of the
law. I believe that I stand a good chance for release or absent that, a
powerful argument to make an appeal to a higher court over the
misapplication of Rules, law and obligations on the part of those on the
Lower Court level.

I am therefore asking you to consider your ability to aid and assist me
in my goals. We are working towards a $3,500.00 legal bill to pay for
legal representation for the Article 78 now in the courts awaiting a
decision. Any help that you can provide by sending donations directly
to my attorney would be greatly appreciated:

Cheryl L. Kates, Esq.
Attorney At Law
PO Box 711
Honeoye, New York 14471

(585) 820-3818

or send the donation directly to my finance officer:

Nate Buckley
438 Massachusetts Ave
Buffalo, New York, 14213

(716) 886-0544

Your aide and assistance is sorely needed. I respect that times are
hard and that many of you, having already given once, can barely afford
to do so now. In light of that and the goal intended, I ask again and
will gratefully accept whatever amount you can either raise or extend.
Struggle is ongoing and our objective must always remain clear. I/we do
not ask that you become burdened, but rather continually aware of what
we want, what we intend, what we support. I hope to hear that this call
was respected, honored and served. Much love to you. I remain.

Dedicated and Responsive,
Comrade Robert Seth’ Hayes

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San Francisco, CA 94110

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