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      CHECK IT: NJ Prisoner Re-Entry Video

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      Please be sure to check out this excellent video with lots of personal testimony and know that of 47,000 inmates in NJ prisons/jails, the rate per 100,000 residents: 190 Whites; 630 Hispanics; and 2,352 African descendants!

      "We must continue to move forward and do everything we can to outlaw legal lynching in America. We must continue to stand together in unity and to demand a moratorium on all executions. You must stay strong. You must continue to hold your heads up, and to be there. We will prevail. Keep marching Black people. They are killing me tonight. They are murdering me tonight." -- Excerpts of Last Words of Bro. Shaka Sankofa, an innocent man executed by the state of Texas, 6/22/00.

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      come home and cant get a job so they get 'work'.... its fucked up like runnin on a hamster wheel

      some of us LIVE in jail, but only come out for a vacation and go back ''home'' to jail.

      plus all these STATES are broke now too, the prison/court-system/tickets/fines/etc is a major money maker for NEW JERSEY INC.

      nagas aint endin up in there cuz they really criminals, its cuz they broke and shit feels hopeless.

      one would THINK if they was educating/training people comen home to be productive citizens, that it would make them more of an ASSET to society........

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