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      Blackicon Reader The fight in South America

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      Hello, as you should know, in South America we are living a real strong Revolution that has even shake the roots of world capitalism. I wonder what would happen to what is left to that capitalism if Africa and Asia unite with us in this revolutionary wave.
      Many lies are being said about our great Commander in chief, Hugo Chavez and our beloved leaders like Evo Morales and Eduardo Correa. But we know our enemy, we still knocking the system and we are giving the power to the people in the only way peace can let us. The media atacks are as like H2O bombs, the powerful are relentless but we are relentless too and Bolivar spirit is so strong that anything that stands in its way just gets destroyed itself.
      This message is just to anybody who could be fooled by the world media lies about our fight. Our revolution is based on love for the people, and respect for human rights. Anybody who says the opposite is a liar, or his/her brain is being brainwashed. One love 2 all revolutionaries around the world and please, I know the daily struggle is hard enough for the most part of us, but keep faith, no matter what. And if you are in a position to make a change, dont stop by nothing. The revolution got to be cultural. And if you are not in the position to make that change, please, think first in yourself and your family. But always with a final objective. And that objective should be to grow enough to fit that position.
      One love
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      Shareef Mumtaz

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      Viva Venezuela, con Chávez hasta la Muerte, VENCEREMOS!!!

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      Right on for chavez and the revolution. I'm here in panama, and the racist venezuelans are fleeing venezuela, coming here to spread their stolen wealth and white supremacist attitudes. There is strong resistance to that here. The afrikan and asian worlds should be involved with this movement!

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      We must unite

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      If black and brown people all over the world would unify in same goals for freedom justice and self-sufficency, then we could actually accomplish are mission and regain control over our own destinies... we have to stop hating each other and recognize the similarities of crucial injustice, slavery and stolen lands that all of our ancestors have fallen victim to by the actions of the anglo saxon...divided we will be defeated, but united we are unstoppable... Peace to all who struggle for freedom and righteousness...bless our world...

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