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      Blackicon Hello What do you think of my short essay?

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      My essay topic is what memorial day mean to me i cant think of what else to write and can someone please read it over and make corrections?

      Memorial Day, a day we honor the brave Americans who risked everything to help their country. Countless lives were lost in the epic battles of the United States. So many sacrifices were made for you and me. From minor cuts and bruises, to broken bones, and even death.
      For those brave men and women to look back at war is not an easy task. Bombs going off, missiles flying through the air, and the loud firing guns. To look back at a fallen comrade who you shared your last meal with, and see their eyes role back and their limbs go limp. And knowing you still have to run on and leave them behind.
      Memorial day isnít just another pointless holiday that no one really knows about. Itís a holiday were you remember the lives that were given so you could live on. To me it is like a day I owe to them to pay off my debt. A debt that could never be paid back.Please tell me your feeling after reading this essay.....

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      your essay is 'yours'... it is completely different from my feelings on the subject...

      peace be upon you

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