The Great Talk

I, Tedjosya Fila Kazi released my first album “Sun’s Negative”, an album for the place of spirituality in our lives. I aim to bring conscience in the unsettled minds and give whoever the opportunity of being worthy of self-honor. This joint is made of love, skepticity, and turnarounds, only for betterments of existential status.

I perform a raw and down-to-earth singing, rapping and slamming on self-composed vibes for accompaniment to the struggler-listener throughout the participations of live bassist (Pierre Paris), drummer (François Defresne), guitarists (Amir Ratbaoui & Laurent Gosse), keyboardist (Stéphane Lecomte), saxophonist (Laurent Meyer). I, as a matter-of-fact, kept some of the beats I had made for the layout of my sounds.

I get to reign over undubiousness with a set of tracks intermixed with autoreflection dialogs to the audience until their self-acceptation, so as to make benefit the pride of residing within the height of the message I bring up and by explaining the truth of its ampleur through my allegations which contrast the unknown’s.

I have felt like pointing out the fact that people should be aware of their drifts, why being aware of what a mistake is and not its resolution unto self ? The lie resides where a being lost his or her truth. With “Sun’s Negative”, I will instigate the listener to swivel the heathens toward God in the aim of glorifying God’s pause at the time.

Scheduled earlier though, I explain my pathroute fully and eradicate my past’s mistakes up to betterize my future and now know my verity. After a long period of time of searching for my truth, I have finally found out it was in my denials and I have intended to part my youth temper from my creed. I have reached the level of educational attempt towards others. Except for the dead ones, I continuously vow ongoing life to my beloved fellowmen and fellow-women.

Peace y’all.
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And, [ame=]Sun's Negative [Explicit]: Tedjosya Fila Kazi: Téléchargements MP3[/ame] if you will by my album available on jan.4 at this link or any other online sale sites’ such as, iTunes, Napster…etc…

In The Name Of God : I Wish You A Very Great And Happy New Year 2012 !!!

p.s: The album is very much about seeing through what the future will show in regards of all the concept’s cipher.