Mama Njeri Alghanee was taken from us (physically) in a terrible car/truck accident Thursday night. The family is currently making arrangements and these will be announced as quickly
as possible.

What we already know is that the family is badly in need of financial support from the Community. Neither insurance nor savings are in place to cover necessary expenses.

Your help is needed now. Njeri lived a life of giving to us (her people) and it's now time for us to give. We must help Njeris' children and grandchildren pull through this tragedy.

Donations can be made at any Wachovia Bank. Donations should be made to Mama Njeri in care of Sekelajah Alganee. The bank account # is 3000194920747. Again, donations can be made at any Wachovia Bank.


Njeri Akosua Aminah Alghanee, Freedom Fighter, wife of Ras Mausi Alghanee (36 years) ,mother of six, grandmother of three and counting.
Grewup in the New Afrikan Independence Movement in Detroit, Michigan.
Foughtfor the release of the RNA-11 of the Provisional Government of the
Republic of New Afrika. Continues to fight for Reparations and African
Liberation. Educated at Wayne State University, majoring in Mass Communications. Earned a B.A. in Liberal Arts and A.A. in Early Childhood
Education.Cooperative Owner of NoName Roots Freedom Shule (1974-1978); Co-Author of ' Let the Sisters Speak" (1980); Cooperative Owner of Saba
Shule ( 1985- 1988); Assistant Director of Georgia Citizen's Coalition
on Hunger ( 1989 -1996); Executive Director pf Georgia Advocates for
Battered Women and Children (1996-97); Southern Region Coordinator for the
Million Woman March (1996-98); National Board of Directors for the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America ( 1994-present); Founding
Committee of Empress of Zion ( Rastafari Women); Ethiopian Women's Federation; Queen Mother Moore Foundation; New Afrikan Womens
Organization; Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation; ABISA and many more even including this site, we must support those who have supported us.