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Article: Article: Peter Tosh

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    Article: Peter Tosh

    1 Comments by Jacuma Published on 07-07-2012 08:58 PM
    Thirty eight years ago on 12/04/2009 the united snakes murdered Fred Hampton & Mark Clark, this date also marks the 6 year anniversary of the launching of this site in solidarity of these martyrs.

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    I often wonder why, the now justice department does not open these cases; it's proven that there was an out & out war on any and all members of the Black Panther Party, in the late 60's & most all of the 70's. Backed by Ms. Hoover, ooops that's J Edgar.
    The families of these brothers have not been compensated, not that anyone, or thing will ever bring back their loved ones, at least clear their names, & insure that their families are reminded that their loved ones did not deserve to die and did nothing wrong, except love their people, their families, and attempted to protect them. That is what any man would & should do. A free & united Afrika, my daily prayer!

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