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Eldridge Cleaver got Bobby Hutton killed.
By Yahmeesh Yh'mar A.I

According to Bobby Seale in ,"Seize the Time, pg. 258"

"...When Eldridge first came into the Party, Huey let it be understood that Eldridge couldn't have weapons because he was an ex-felon. The party had set the policy because we understood that we just couldn't get into alot of illegal activity. Huey always said our activity should be legal. Eldridge followed orders and didn't himself have guns. One night after the search, Kathleen said, "what if we actually got attacked and didn't have anything to defend ourselves with?" Eldridge said that she would just have to get herself a gun, because the Minister of Defense (Huey P. Newton) I told him he couldn't have one because he was an ex felon."

On the night of April 6, 1968, Bobby Hutton was killed by Oakland Police officers.

Eldridge Cleaver admits ambushing and shooting two police officers, which Cleaver later admitted he led (12 years later. and 2000 hours of community service for attempted murder on police officers).

Eventually it turned into a shoot-out between the Panthers and the Oakland police at a house in West Oakland. About 90 minutes later Bobby Hutton and Cleaver surrendered after the police tear-gassed the building.

Eldridge Cleaver stated that police shot Bobby more than twelve times after he had surrendered, and had him stripped down to his underwear to verify that he was unarmed.

At the time, Cleaver falsely claimed that the Oakland police had attacked the Panthers; he did not publicly admit to having ambushed the police, and seriously wounding two officers until 1980.[5] Hutton was the first Panther to die and "immediately became a martyr for the cause of black power."

Link http://colemantruth.net/kate1.pdf

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