By Yahmeesh Yh'mar Akbar I

Bomm! Bomm! Bomm! Bomm!

This here facts:

The Babylon ask, "where the GOOD weed at?!"

The OGs taught me ,"let they ASS know!" "I heard Y'all had the best weed out the doe?!"

Bomm! Bomm! Bomm! Bomm!

How long you been sleep?!
Nigga say, but he never do; that's common.

"The cat with the longest tail always scream the loudest."

It's a War on the Homeless!
And if you didn't know: you only one check away from concrete floors .

Bomm! Bomm! Bomm! Bomm!

I don't know how many cases; that I done read; were they should have plead the fifth.

Now they doing s-t-r-e-t-ches.
("Loose lips sank ships.")
From building with the under;
(They never had a clue.)
They was waiting on a SIGN.

If they always keeping up mess; they probably informants.

Bomm! Bomm! Bomm! Bomm!

Let me teach you bout' logic. Find a little time and read Romans 13.

They say, "it's all good; just pay taxes; and you won't incur judgment, but that's part of the spell.

Because after the fall, in Genesis 3:
I can end up like Jesus
(God in flesh.)
All I "got-to-do" is demonstrate.
(conscientiously object.)

I can wind up in dossier; controlled by the government; cause separating, "real-from-the-fake" is a sin.


Peace be upon you